How I used multani mitti for natural hair

A few days ago, I took down my marley twists. Prior to this, I decided that I wanted a mud wash and since I had a busy schedule, I didn’t have time to go through the whole nine yards. All I wanted was for my hair to be cleansed and conditioned. So, I visited my local Indian store and grabbed a box of multani mitti.

As always, I decided to thoroughly research the dos and don’ts as it was my first time and I wasn’t quite familiar with it. I quickly realized that the powder wasn’t as popular – for natural hair – as I thought it would be. Either that or the people using it didn’t talk about it. Anyway, I took my chances. But not before consulting with an acquaintance of mine. After bombarding her with questions, I took the plunge. Yes, I must confess, I was a bit skeptical. I wanted to be sure I was doing it right.


But before then, some background knowledge:


Also known as Fuller’s earth, multani mitti is a clay substance that’s popular for its healing properties. Made from natural earth material, it’s an excellent cleanser that has the ability of removing impurities without any adverse effect. (Translation –  It’s as safe as it can possibly be). It helps remove dandruff and improve the overall condition of the hair. As it is a clay, it’s absorbs oil and dirt without necessarily stripping it. Now, this is where it gets interesting. It is a natural cleanser so when used alone it will probably just clean the hair /scalp. But when mixed with other products, it serves as a base for a packed treatment. That’s why I mixed mine with:


– 1/4 of freshly made Aloe Vera Juice
– 2-3 caps of ACV
– 3 tsp of Honey
– 3 tsp of Coconut Oil
– 3 tsp of Sunflower Seed Oil

This way, I had a cleanser, conditioner and moisturizer all in one! I mixed everything into a paste, applied it on my hair, covered it and left it for an hour after which I rinsed out. Can I just say that I absolutely loved the results?? My hair was cleansed, soft and shiny. I couldn’t have asked for more. This result prompted me to stock up on Multani mitti which I would alternate with henna.

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