How I manage my hair during the harmattan season



The harmattan season is upon us and it’s not very pretty especially on our hair – both natural and relaxed.

For some reasons, it totally skipped my mind to tuck my hair in a protective style. Then again, I didn’t think the harmattan would be this intense and I also wanted to learn how to manage my hair. It’s more or less a new experience but in the last few weeks – so far – I think gotten a hang of it. I’ve been able to tweak my regimen to suit the period.

1. Moisturize and seal with a heavy butter.
Usually, I don’t seal with heavy butters except on wash days but right now, it’s a daily thing. I moisturize with my hair spritz and seal with my whipped shea butter. Anything other than that – in my opinion – is pointless. You need something to help retain moisture. And if you think it would lead to build-up, just clarify more frequently.

2. Co-wash more regularly. This is a no-brainer really. Sometimes, the hair spritz isn’t just enough. I try to co-wash and in the process, leave some conditioner in my hair before moisturizing. That way I can maximise the moisture.

3. Oil Rinsing.
I started this even before the harmattan season and I noticed that it really helped retain moisture plus my hair was softer and shinier. And so, while thinking over techniques to implement, this came out tops.

4. Moisture-intensive deep conditioning. The weather is drying out all of the moisture, you need to do all it takes to replace it. Right now, I’m deep conditioning my hair mostly with moisture-intensive conditioners – again, to add moisture.
Dry hair = Breakage.

5. Satin Bonnet.
When I’m not going anywhere, I wear my satin bonnet all day. When I’m out, I wear satin scarves. I don’t leave my hair out for anything. Satin bonnets helps retain moisture even during the day.

If everything else fails, protective styling is the next best thing.

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