How do I know if my hair is moisturized?

When I was new in the healthy hair journey thing, I didn’t know how to tell if my hair was moisturised. I kept trying

In the articles I read or blogs I followed, nobody gave a breakdown of what moisturised hair should feel or  be like. So in my ignorance, I just concluded that it means your hair is wet, not really dripping wet but wet all the same. Now I know better! So, how do i know if my hair is moisturized?

I copied a post from to help you with the characteristics of moisturised hair:
1. Moisturized hair is not wet: There is a big difference between wet, damp or misted hair and moisturized hair. To the touch, moisturized hair does not have a wet feeling. The moisture which differentiates it from dry hair is locked within the strand and not on the surface of the hair. Humidity or humectants (such as aloe vera, honey and glycerin ) which act to increase the outer moisture of the hair do not change the fact that the hair is 100% dry to the touch.
2. Moisturized hair is a sound: The instantly recognizable feature associated with dry hair which is not moisturized is crackling. Dry unmoisturized hair tends to have a rasping sound when the strands are rubbed against each other. The drier hair gets, the more perceptible the sound
becomes. Moisturized hair on the other hand is almost noiseless. The strands of hair can generally glide past each other and even where they tangle
or knot, they do not make the same crunchy crackling of dry hair.
3. Moisturized hair is a feeling and a look: Moisturized hair is soft to the touch unlike dry hair where the texture of the hair is amplified making it
feel rough. For those with natural shine/sheen or if a product with oil is used, moisturized hair will accentuate the shine.
4. Moisturized hair is flexible and strong: A very desirable property of moisturized hair is that it is more flexible and less susceptible to breakage. Hair has a tendency to be able to stretch out and where tangles form, the hair does not tend to immediately snap. Where curls are present they will have a natural spring and where shrinkage is present, hair will be approximately 60-70% of its full length. The hair is not wet (i.e complete shrinkage) and is not dry (where hair can stretch to even 80-90% of its full length but has a tendency to snap when pulled or stretched).
5. Moisturized hair has all the above properties at the same time: As an example, if you only add oil to your hair and no water, hair may feel soft to the touch and shine but may not be flexible and may still have a crackle to it when it is dry.

Moisturized hair

In conclusion, the principle way to identify moisturized hair is that it has to have all the properties I just described:
1. Not wet to the touch
2. No crackling or crunching
3. Soft to the touch with shine (taking note that shine is relative)
4. Flexibility and strength
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  1. Thanks a lot for this post. It means I’ve been doing my LCO/LOC properly all this while. I always felt my hair must be damp before I’m comfortable that it’s moisturized. Big thanks.

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