[DIY]: Hibiscus Infused Oil

Remember my foray into oil infusions? From chamomile to herbal infused oils? No, I haven’t gotten bored. Something has been brewing or in this case, infusing. After experimenting for about two – three months, I decided to leave my infusions for a longer period where I literally forget about it. You know how I’m supposed to check it at intervals to shake the jar? This time, I didn’t even remember.

So, what’s up with Hibiscus oil?

Well, I decided to try out the hibiscus powder which I purchased from African Naturalistas and Hibiscus flowers which I got from Special Me Organics. As usual, I got my empty improvised honey jar, filled it up with Sunflower Oil and added a few hibiscus flowers and left it for about a month. After the first month, I noticed that the colour did not change. Somehow, I expected it to as I witnessed with previous infusions because typically when hibiscus is infused in hot water, it reveals a deep red hue. I’m sure that’s where the Zobo name came from.

So, what did I do?

I took about 2 tsp of Hibiscus powder and added it to the infused Hibiscus flowers and left it for about five months. A few days ago, I sieved the oil with a white handkerchief which served as a muslin cloth. It still hadn’t changed colour. It was still as clear as Sunflower Oil. So, I’ve decided to re-infuse it with other herbs if I’m still not satisfied after a while.

Infusions are a fun way to experiment with dry herbs and spice up your boring carrier oils. You should try it.

Also, I’ve been getting inquiries for purchasing herbs. They can be gotten in your local supermarket in the spices and seasoning section. You’ll be shocked to find Sage, Basil, Parsley and even Rosemary. The other herbs like Hibiscus, Peppermint and Chamomile can be gotten from the Tea and Beverage section. Just buy a pack of tea and empty it.


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  1. Thanks for this! I’m about to make some myself. I don’t have your patience though so I’ll go the hot infusion route using a crockpot.

    Just wanted to mention that zobo is the calyx of an entirely different Hibiscus, (Hibiscus sabdariffa) and not the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis flower I think you used. So don’t expect it to have the same deep red zobo colour.

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