A Henna Wash Day

My hair’s currently due for a protective style so I decided to henna it just before installing box braids

I wanted to use Hibiscus but I changed my mind since I didn’t leave it overnight.





  • At first, I wanted to apply it on dry hair to prevent dripping but eventually shampooed because of products I used for my flexi-rod set which I had done previously. After which, I air-dried it for a while. In my mind, it was dry enough not to drip. WRONG
    I’ll probably apply it like that next time. Then there was the problem of acid base. I didn’t have green tea or apple cider vinegar (ACV). After going back and forth, I finally used orange juice. Curly Nikki mentioned something about it. When I was done assembling the materials, I started mixing.
  • Started with the henna and orange juice mixed with hot water. Then honey and my recently bought sesame oil. When I opened the seal, I decided that I  was gonna use it solely for henna because of the awful pungent smell. I wouldn’t have bought it if I had known. In fact, after mixing I expected the henna to overshadow the oil but no, even after application there was this after smell lingering around me. I had to stay away from people. I almost washed off before four hours because I couldn’t stand the smell. Even with the ORS conditioner, it still didn’t go away.
  • Did you notice that I didn’t leave it overnight to release dye/color? I was too lazy to. Plus the color from my previous henna is still very visible.


After rinsing out the Henna. The highlights are from my previous henna treatment.


  • After mixing, I stayed in the bathroom to apply. I took me about 15 minutes to go round my hair. Almost forgot to wear gloves. When I was done, I covered my hair with a nylon bag, shower cap and satin scarf and left it on four hours.
    Despite the dripping and offensive odor, I’m glad I stayed for that long, else it would have been useless.


Freshly moisturized.


  • After rinsing out, I applied ORS replenishing conditioner for about 2 hours to restore moisture during which I napped. I woke up, rinsed out for the last time and moisturized with African Naturalistas Leave-in, Coconut Oil and Shea butter.


Regular henna vs Nupur henna
See the difference between pure henna and mixed henna? That is the reason why I didn’t bother with the Hibiscus.


Side note:

Henna requires patience and energy. It’s not something you can rush over because it stains. You need to take your time. Ideally, it takes about 6 hours for proper penetration and deep conditioning afterwards.

I’ve decided to henna monthly now since I’ve gotten a supplier. Better still, I’m gonna be stocking up to sustain me for the rest of the year.

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