Healthy Nigerian food timetable

Healthy Nigerian food timetable
November 8, 2013 79 Comments Health & Fitness,Healthy food ideas Dr Fomsky

On our Facebook page, we’ve been discussing how to get a flat tummy and some ladies requested that I do a healthy Nigerian food timetable. I’ve tried my best to make it family-friendly. You can serve your family most of the meals in this timetable: it’s a bit more difficult sticking to eating right when you’re the only one eating this way.

I’ll also give a few tips on how to use this timetable:
1. You don’t have to follow it strictly : it’s just a guide. Mix and match. Add your own ideas. After all, you’re the one eating it. Just make sure it’s healthy.
2. Eat small portions of carbohydrates at every meal. For example, try not to eat more than a cooking spoon of rice or beans. Don’t eat more than 1 finger of boiled plantain or 2 slices of yam.
3. Stop when you’re full. Don’t force yourself to finish your food. Don’t help your husband or kids finish their food either. 😛
4. If possible, get a digital kitchen scale. Weigh your cereal. You won’t believe that 1 serving of some cereals are about 200 calories for 40g of cereal. Don’t eat more than 2 servings of that cereal oh!
5. Snack on fruits e.g apples, avocados, mangoes, etc. you can also snack on yoghurt. Healthy Cereals are also a good snack. If possible, always have a healthy snack in your purse or handbag just I case you get hungry. Don’t eat too many fruits though cos’ they also contribute towards your daily calorie intake!
6. Don’t skip meals if possible. This can make your body metabolism slow down and you’ll find that you’re not losing weight. Besides, when you skip meals, you might get very very hungry and jump on a huge bowl of eba!
7. Don’t drink your calories. A glass of juice is about 100 – 120 calories depending on the type. Opt for water or Green Tea.
8. Eat lots of vegetables.
9. Onions are great for weight loss. Cook with lots of onions.
10. Don’t too much meat or chicken. In a bid to avoid carbs, some people (including myself) end up eating a lot of meat!
11. Prepare your lunch the previous evening and take it to work or school. That way, you control what YOU eat.


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Sunday Spanish omelette and a slice of toasted bread (optional) Jollof rice (with very little oil) and salad Moimoi, chicken and coleslaw.
Monday Moimoi and green tea (you can simply eat the leftover moi-moi from the previous Sunday evening) Sweet potato with green peppers and carrot porridge (with chicken or fish) Stir fry vegetables and chicken
Tuesday Boiled eggs and a slice of toasted whole wheat bread (optional) Beans, fish and veggie porridge (add ‘greens’, carrots, green pepper, etc) Grilled Fish with steamed vegetables
Wednesday Any healthy breakfast cereal (e.g Special K, Muesli, etc) Boiled semi-ripe plantain with fish and veggie stew 1/2 packet of noodles with chicken and lots of carrots and green pepper
Thursday Plain yoghurt mixed with a few cubes of your favorite fruit e.g mango. (Add a natural sweetener i.e Stevia if available). Eba/Amala with either okra soup or vegetable soup cooked with fish and very very little or no oil Salad and boiled egg.
Friday Quaker oats with skimmed milk Ofada rice, green leaf stew with any meat of your choice. Steamed potatoes and chicken stir fry
Saturday Boiled plantain and fish stew Eba and vegetable soup. Pepper soup and yam.
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