Healthy Nigerian food timetable

On our Facebook page, we’ve been discussing how to get a flat tummy and some ladies requested that I do a healthy Nigerian food timetable. I’ve tried my best to make it family-friendly. You can serve your family most of the meals in this timetable: it’s a bit more difficult sticking to eating right when you’re the only one eating this way.

I’ll also give a few tips on how to use this timetable:
1. You don’t have to follow it strictly : it’s just a guide. Mix and match. Add your own ideas. After all, you’re the one eating it. Just make sure it’s healthy.
2. Eat small portions of carbohydrates at every meal. For example, try not to eat more than a cooking spoon of rice or beans. Don’t eat more than 1 finger of boiled plantain or 2 slices of yam.
3. Stop when you’re full. Don’t force yourself to finish your food. Don’t help your husband or kids finish their food either. 😛
4. If possible, get a digital kitchen scale. Weigh your cereal. You won’t believe that 1 serving of some cereals are about 200 calories for 40 g of cereal. Don’t eat more than 2 servings of that cereal oh!
5. Snack on fruits e.g apples, avocados, mangoes, etc. you can also snack on yoghurt. Healthy Cereals are also a good snack. If possible, always have a healthy snack in your purse or handbag just I case you get hungry. Don’t eat too many fruits though cos’ they also contribute towards your daily calorie intake!
6. Don’t skip meals if possible. This can make your body metabolism slow down and you’ll find that you’re not losing weight. Besides, when you skip meals, you might get very very hungry and jump on a huge bowl of eba!
7. Don’t drink your calories. A glass of juice is about 100 – 120 calories depending on the type. Opt for water or Green Tea.
8. Eat lots of vegetables.
9. Onions are great for weight loss. Cook with lots of onions.
10. Don’t too much meat or chicken. In a bid to avoid carbs, some people (including myself) end up eating a lot of meat!
11. Prepare your lunch the previous evening and take it to work or school. That way, you control what YOU eat.


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Sunday Spanish omelette and a slice of toasted bread (optional) Jollof rice (with very little oil) and salad Moimoi, chicken and coleslaw.
Monday Moimoi and green tea (you can simply eat the leftover moi-moi from the previous Sunday evening) Sweet potato with green peppers and carrot porridge (with chicken or fish) Stir fry vegetables and chicken
Tuesday Boiled eggs and a slice of toasted whole wheat bread (optional) Beans, fish and veggie porridge (add ‘greens’, carrots, green pepper, etc) Grilled Fish with steamed vegetables
Wednesday Any healthy breakfast cereal (e.g Special K, Muesli, etc) Boiled semi-ripe plantain with fish and veggie stew 1/2 packet of noodles with chicken and lots of carrots and green pepper
Thursday Plain yoghurt mixed with a few cubes of your favorite fruit e.g mango. (Add a natural sweetener i.e Stevia if available). Eba/Amala with either okra soup or vegetable soup cooked with fish and very very little or no oil Salad and boiled egg.
Friday Quaker oats with skimmed milk Ofada rice, green leaf stew with any meat of your choice. Steamed potatoes and chicken stir fry
Saturday Boiled plantain and fish stew Eba and vegetable soup. Pepper soup and yam.


*Post edited January 12, 2017* If you would like me to make one for you for one reason or another, please send me an email at It costs NGN 6,000.

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  1. Dr I hv two children I had them thru CS,can i still do any tommy exercise such as sit up and other related excercise?if no hw can I make my tommy go down.

    1. Yes you can do tummy exercises even though you’ve done a C-Section. I had C-Sections for my three kids and I started tummy exercises 6 weeks after. However, it’s better to wait 3 months. Sit-ups might not be the best though so I will put up some descriptions of tummy exercises you can do on/before Friday.

    1. Hi Jane. I think you should wait till you’re six weeks before you start doing any physical exercise. You can start to pull your muscles together now by tying your tummy LIGHTLY.. To the extent that you don’t feel any pain or pulling on your C-section scar. Having had a C-section in the past, I know it’s difficult to wait but it’s safer. I am currently working on a post for people like myself who have had a c-section and want a flatter tummy. I will publish if soon. Do take care.

  2. Hi Doc, I’m a size 16, getting married in 3wk. Pls wat can I do within ds 3wks to slim down a bit, cos I want to look slimmer in my wedding gown…. A quick response will be appreciated. Tnks

    1. Hi Bodunrin. A drastic weight loss is not advisable so that your face does not look too lean on your wedding day. I advise you lose about 2 kg a week. To do this,
      1. Stop starchy foods like bread, rice, pasta, plantain, etc. If you want to take any starchy food, a small sweet potato is allowed.
      2. Stick to foods like beans. Moin-moin is a good alternative. Don’t put too much oil and extra fish and meat in it.
      3. Don’t eat fried food. Reduce the amount of oil in your foods.
      4. Eat more of vegetables.
      5. Eat not more than 2 fruits a day.
      6. Reduce your sugar intake.
      7. Exercise at least an hour a day.
      A sample meal example is:
      Breakfast – Scrambled eggs/omelette with lots of vegetables
      – Plain, unsweetened yoghurt with some slices of fruit
      Lunch – moin moi and salad
      Dinner – Salad with chicken
      – Stir fry vegetables with chicken

  3. Good morning doc……am not really fat i am size 8….but my stomach is kinda of getting big…i do sit up for 50times in the evening….then i take pineapples you think its ok?or there are more exercise?

    1. Hi Oreva. Do you eat a lot of carbohydrates? Pineapples have a high sugar content and should be taken in small amounts. A better alternative are apples. Avocados too. Sit-ups might not be the best exercise for a flatter tummy. You can start with planks. Plank exercise

      1. Yes i eat alot of carbohydrates but trying to reduce it….is it only apples and avocados?and planks for my flat tummy?thank you very much

    1. hi tnk u so much for the time table am relieved a bit but my kid dnt eat cooked eggs or indomie ,what can i replace for them

  4. God Bless you Ma,
    Pls ma,If i skip meals especially breakfast and lunch, is it that dangerous to my health? because i do that always. tnx.

    1. Sorry for my delayed response. Not eating breakfast is not exactly dangerous but not eating your breakfast can slow down your body’s metabolism. You might also start feeling grouchy and not be able to focus properly.
      Not skipping breakfast and lunch is not very good. Please try to eat regular meals as much as possible.

  5. Hi Doc. I got this site by accident and I’m happy I did. I’m a mother of 3 with C sections and couldn’t get my flat tummy back(my baby is 10mnths). I find it diff to exercise because I always feel a strain along my stich area. Is this normal? Is there any mild exersice to get my tummy down? Thanks and God bless

    1. Hi Titi. I’m glad that you stumbled on our site. Like you, I am also a mother of 3 all by C-section. I also found it difficult to exercise in the beginning and 2 + years after my last child, I still feel a tug in my scar when I try to exercise my abdomen. It’s not painful but just a pulling sensation. I think that if you are not feeling any pain, then there is nothing to worry about. Getting a flat tummy after a c-section is a little more difficult than after a normal delivery and I am still working on mine. The first place to start is to train your ab muscles to stay inside. I have a post I did on a simple exercise you can start with. Follow this link to see it

    1. To slim down, the most important thing is learning how to eat healthy foods. Eat foods with less oil. Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates like bread and go for more natural foods like yams, sweet potatoes, beans, vegetables, fruits, etc . Plus you should do some rigorous exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week. I’m sure if you make these lifestyle changes, you will see a big difference in your weight. Hugs Bashirat!

  6. How do I make my tummy flat . I had 3 c sections I tied the first 2 but my tummy is still big. I used to have a very flat tummy before I started having kids.

    1. Hi Mabel. I also had three C-sections and it’s been difficult working on getting a flat tummy. Exercises I recommend are those that target your inner abdominal exercise. The easiest you can start with are belly scoop/slide exercise. Click HERE to read more about this. You can then progress to planks and mountain climbers, etc. You can do a Google search for descriptions of these exercises and you’ll see them.

  7. Goodday…am 21 yrs old about 5’7,, am really worried bout my weight, i currently weigh 95 and its makin me feel very old.probably coz I used 2 model when I was slimmer…I really want to slim down asap..tnx

  8. I am not that fat but i have a broad shoulder and i big tummy please Doctor if i should make any move on having a flat tummy, will have fitting on me because of the shoulder or what will you advise?

    1. Hi Seyi. I apologize for not responding on time. I have not found any exercise to reduce shoulder size. It is more of carefully selecting what you wear to enhance the hips

  9. Hi my name is jennifer based in he state I just had a baby so breakfast for hubby and kids out dey have cereal. My main problem is I like your time bale but my mother inlaw is around and don’t like oyibo food lol how can and what changes can I make to the dinner. With baby I can’t fix two meals my hubby works till late and would have salad at night I need. Help with a time table it will make life easier till she leaves.i cook and store since there is always light. Help

    1. Hello Eunice. I advise that you reduce your intake of bread and rice. Plus sweet fruits like pineapples and water melons. Bananas, avocados are okay. Vegetables too. Also exercise at least 3 times a week. For your tummy, hold it in every time you exercise.

  10. Pls doc my junior sister has a stomach novel nd she is a grown up nw bt d novel is still big she only use belt to hold it , pls wat should we do abt d novel

  11. good evening dr. I weigh 94kg and I have a big tommy never giving birth befor I have tried different weight loss program but none worked out pls dr I really need to loose this weight fast pls advice me on what best to do. thank you so much ma.

  12. good afternoon dr, I did forever living clean9 for 3months, I tried dieting I stoped eating late, I tried shake off, I took a lot of sliming tea buh it didn’t work for me… DR pls can you advice me on what best to do. thank you

    1. Hi Eno. To tell you the truth, these diets only work for a while. What you really need to do is to limit the amount of carbohydrates you take. Secondly, opt for the unprocessed carbohydrates i.e take yam and sweet potatoes instead of rice. Take brown bread instead of white bread. Take quaker oats instead of cornflakes or custard. Hope you get my drift. Secondly, you need to exercise as well.

  13. Good afternoon DR, I was diagnosed of having induced after birth hypertension. My baby is 3mths old. Iam currently taking medication. Kindly advise on how this can be handled also advise on a standard nigeria food time table , is running on the stair case for about 20 times every morning and night a good exercise also advise on preferred fruits with less sugar. I await ur respond thank you.

    1. Hi Akung. Congratulations on your new baby!! Sorry to hear about your hypertension. I believe that it will resolve with time
      To modify the food time table, I suggest that:
      1. Add a serving of vegetables at lunch and at dinner.
      2. Try to take more whole fruits instead of juice.
      3. If you want to take a snack, opt for nuts or fruits, low-fat and fat-free yogurt.
      4. Reduce your intake of butter, margarine, or salad dressing, and use low-fat or fat-free condiments.
      5. Drink low-fat or skim milk or yoghurt any time you would normally use full-fat or cream.
      6. Limit amount of beef taken.
      7. Eat more whole-grain foods (i.e brown rice, brown bread), fish, chicken.
      8. Reduce your intake of salt, sweets and sugary drinks.
      Examples of fruits and vegetables you can take include:
      green beans
      green peas
      sweet potatoes

      Really hope this helps and take care!!

  14. Hi doctor…am so glad I stumbled on this post. so I gave birth august and ave been struggling with my weight. I was 60kg b4 pregnancy. Was 93kg during pregnancy and am now struggling btw 70-73kg after birth. I really want to go back to 60kg asap. So I started dieting a week ago. My typical meal a day is 2slices of wheat bread and lipton for breakfast, a cooking spoon of beans and plantain with fish or small size moin moin with vegetable and fish for lunch , then fruit for dinner. But ave not seen any changes or drop in my weight. Kindly assist. ( I dnt really ave time for exercise cos of the nature of my work and baby, so I try to walk on my way to walk like 10mins and I use the stairs)

    1. Hello Tayo. Thank you for your email. I think you are on the right track. If you are breastfeeding, I also don’t advise that you reduce your diet any further because this will affect your milk production. In addition, your metabolism will slow down if you reduce your diet any further. You didn’t mention if you take vegetables. Do try to include them in your diet.
      Are you the one making the moi moi? Does it contain a lot of oil or ‘extras’? You should also take note of this because this might be a source if hidden calories.
      .It does take time for the weight loss to show on the scale. A better way to monitor weight change is by tracking your measurements. i.e waist, hips, etc. It takes the loss of 3,500 calories to show a wight loss of one pound (1/2 kg). To lose this amount of calories, diet change is good but a bit slower than if you did some extra exercise. So, keep eating moderately, like you are now, and over time, you will notice a weight change.

  15. Hello Dr. Pls I would like to know what diet plans to include in my children’s meal in order to achieve a rapid and healthy growth. If possible, you can help me with a healthy Nigerian meal time table for growing kids.(age 2yrs and above). Also healthy exercises for them. Thanks.

  16. Dr, thank God for making you a blessing. Please, i have chest pain, done scan and other test found nothing wrong in me. I resulted to start a “guided eating habit”. Please help me out. Am 40 years old.

    1. Hello Mercy. I am not sure I understand you. Would you like me to make you a personalised eating guide? Please what kind of chest pain do you have? you can send me an email on blog(@) Thank you

      1. Gud afternoon Dr, thanks for being there for us. am a 30 yrs old mother of 4children all with c/s d last is 7 month n 8 days, am weighing 95.4lb 5.5″ hight. after my last child my tummy looks like am 6 month pregnant and d worst of it all is dat my tummy is divided bc I had a straight cut cs so it’s affecting me in every way; I can’t dress d way I want, I can’t lye down d way I want bc one side of my stomach in bigger Dan d other side. please Dr I need a flat tummy as fast as it can to be comfortable. be it food time table, exercise or smoothie I will love it. please Dr am looking forward to a favourable reply as fast as possible. thanks.

  17. Hi Doc, I’m 21, I’m currently weighing 60+kg, I was weighing about 50+less than 3 months ago. I dont like the way my arms and legs are big cos I don’t feel comfy wearing short dresses. Ive adjusted my diet now, I take veggies few times a week, fruits like watermelon n carrots, I take pap mostly at night, I do situps and about 100 to 150 skips almost every morning. Please what else can I do to either loose weight or maintain this size.

    1. Hi Zainab. You are on the right track with regards to doing skips and eating fruits & veggies. However, I am not sure if pap is very nutritious. Maybe, you can substitute that with oats. I also advise that you take at least a cup of green tea a day. Plus eat moderate portions. Following these tips should help you lose weight or at least maintain your current size. Thanks!

  18. Good day Dr, I have a problem of selecting food everyday and @ the end of the day I just eat what ever comes to our way both me and my family pls I need ur advice…..!

    1. Hi Danaba. Let’s start by knowing what foods you like and the ones you don’t. Try to plan ahead by cooking the ones you do like so that you don’t end up eating whatever comes your way.

  19. gud day doc. my name is dorcas. I am 29yrs old. l put to bed 7 months ago but am just adding weight and my upper arm is just getting Broder. my hubby is complaining seriously. I use to weigh 54kg but am now 75kg pls doc help me.

  20. Hey Doc,

    Trust you are good. I have been advised by my doctor to loose weight cos of PCOS and am trying to get pregnant. What sort of exercise can i do to loose a lot of weight without affecting me when i take in.
    Just a bit confused on how to achieve both.

  21. Hello Dr are doing a very good work here, may thy Good Lord bless your home. pls i am a mother of 2 and presently pregnant, i have never weight 50kg at nine month i never weigh more than 50kg and i don’t look fresh, i am not the type that eat much especially when i cook the food myself,pleas how and what do i do to add more weight and look fresh? i will appreciate a quick reply thank you.

  22. I need food time table for my family my husband has pile and spleen enlargement we visited doctor and did so many test to confirm the cause but they can not see anything except heamorrhoid ,he is healthy and strong

  23. Hello Doctor,
    Thank you for this helpful guide. Please I need help! I have fibroid for the past 2 years and this has made my tummy to be a bit protruded. I am not yet married and I experience frequent urination and constant back pain. I am getting scared that this symptoms would lead to Kidney infections. I want to go into just fruits diet from November 1st hoping that the fruits will detoxify my system and make things right again. Please advice me. is this doable? can I feed on fruits alone? will it help me reduce the tummy bulge?
    Please help me!
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Sleepless in Lagos. I apologize for not responding earlier. Sorry about the back pain. Frequent urination will not cause any kidney infections but can be a sign of infection or just extra pressure on the bladder from the fibroid. Try not to hold your urine though cos that is more likely to cause bladder infections.
      Since the fibroid seems to be on the big side, have you consulted with a gynaecologist to confirm if it is necessary to remove it?
      Fruits are a good way to detoxify, stay healthy and manage your weight. They can help you lose the tummy bulge caused by fat but not from the fibroid.

  24. Hi doc tnx for the food time table. I have 2 kids 8 & 5 but I v nt bn able to loose the baby fat completely I am not even the eating type although I am a stay home mom,pls what should I do? I will also like you to help me with ahealthy weight gain time table for my kids. Pls reply soon I will be waiting, stay blessed.

  25. Hi doc. I sent u a mail earlier pls in the time table for my kids pls bear in mind they go to school with lunch packs so I will like a time table that will include lunch packs pls. Pls doc I really need to loose this loose this fat of my rapidly, pls help me out With the easiest n affordable means pls. Doc how effective is skipping in terms of weight loss? Thanks lots doc and sorry for the troubles, stay blessed.

  26. Dear Dr. Fomsky, thank you for the good work you’re doing. I’d like your advise on what to give my 2 year old who’s a picky eater. I’ve tried everything I could but nothing seems to be working. She only likes rice and pasta. She takes fruits too but not always. Kindly advise on a healthy food timetable for her. I’d also like a healthy food timetable for my whole family. I must state that nobody is trying to lose weight in my family but I appreciate the fact that a healthy diet plan is imperative. Please help with a practical and healthy timetable within the Nigerian context. Thanks a lot.

  27. Dr please my doctor said i have a high insulin and he said i should avoid dairy food.can u please help me with food n fruits i should eat nd those i should avoid and i want to loose weight too please can u help me with a timetable please.thanks

  28. Hi Doctor. I am currently in a university where mostly carbohydrate is served. Please can you assist me with a healthy timetable. Also, is okay to eat snacks like sausage rolls, puff-puff and to drink coke, pepsi or zobo? Is it also okay to eat two 70g indomie as evening food.

    1. Hi Diekola. Thanks so much for your comment. Please send me an email at with your age, weight, height and any particular foods you would like to see in your menu. I would also like to know if you have any food allergies, other medical conditions or weight concerns.

      Kind regards,
      Dr Fomsky

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