Health & Beauty Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay – The Review

This clay is definitely one famous baby… The internet is filled with thousands of great reviews about this product and it is truly amazing.. Not to shoot down the hype but it’s still just bentonite clay… LOL. I have done facials before with regular bentonite clay and this gives off the same results. I can’t lie though it’s great but what i’m trying to say is that if this particular product isn’t within your vicinity, we are planning on adding it on to our Sizzelle store asap.

Bentonite Clay
Bentonite Clay

You could check out their website and see how the clay works and all but since purchasing it, I have used it twice and I loved how my face felt afterwards… Since I haven’t done a facial in forever, the first time after rinsing out the facial, I felt like I looked lighter.. Yea, all the gunk was out of my face, my pores felt clean and tightened. Awesome feeling.



Honestly, getting the mix up does not require much of a fuss… It’s pretty easy, you have your clay, all you need is some liquid to mix it up and make a paste and you can go all crazy in that aspect… So far, I have used apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in my facials and I loved it.. You could also use plain old water, any type of tea you’re digging – green, black etc, you could throw in some honey so get some moisturising out of it as well.


After mixing it up, you could apply with either some sort of brush or the pads of your fingers, make sure to wash your hands. During your application, make sure to avoid areas of your face like the thin skin around your eyes. 5 minutes after application and you’d start to feel your face “pulsate” as promised… 10 minutes after you wouldn’t be able to make any facial expressions and you’d look like this…

Facial mask
Facial mask

Or like this… Yea… At this point you should be ready to rinse off… No soap required just carefully rinse it off and voila… You’re good to gooooo!


You’d probably reallly reallly enjoy getting this facial… it’s pretty awesome.

What do you think about facials??


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    1. Hi Zay! Honestly I use this every other weekend as I find it very relaxing.. Since it can be quite drying, I would not suggest daily use. 🙂

    1. Or, u could go to d market,ask 4 native chalk(either d white or d red),buy it,but it in a container,add water,or any liquid required,n voila! Its cheaper,n also real natural.

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