Halle Berry takes ex-husband to court for straightening their daughter’s hair and wins

The Hollywood actress filed legal documents against Gabriel Aubry, stating he was trying to make their six-year-old daughter Nahla appear white.

Halle was quite angry with her ex for straightening Nahla’s naturally curly hair as well as using highlights on it. In court documents, Halle stated that Aubry had caused Nahla “potential psychological and physical damage” and could make her wonder “why her natural appearance is not good enough”.

The judge ruled that neither Halle nor Aubry can now change Nahla’s hair in the future.

I am quite happy with the judgment and I think it is absolutely wrong for him to be straightening her hair at this age. She should be left alone to make her own decision when she comes of age. What do you think?

Halle Berry, baby and husband

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  1. Good for him..why straighten that lovely curly hair..she looked very beautiful with her curls…whats wrong with his brain? I think he needs to straighten it too…

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