Hair techniques I tested in 2014 {Dr Fomsky}

  • Blow drying: I enjoyed learning how to blow dry my hair using a method I saw on YouTube by Reniece TV. I will only do this occasionally because it takes me too long. Ain’t nobody got time for long styling!
A shot of my blow dried hair


  • Flat ironing: I did this once last year and it left my hair feeling smooth. I think I will do this a bit more often this year (with enough protection first though).
  • Bantu knots: I absolutely adore bantu knots and they give the cutest curls. My only problem is that the curls are not always even plus my hair never holds a curl. I need to learn how to maintain curly hair!
bantu knot
Bantu knots
  • Finger combing: I started doing this consistently toward the end of 2014 and I will do this more frequently in 2015. Finger combing helps to reduce the manipulation and breakage from combing. However, I had to add ‘comb smoothing’ to make my hair look acceptable!! I still comb my hair thoroughly on wash days and if I feel that my hair needs combing during the week, I’ll still do it but it’s not as frequent as before.
  • ‘Comb smoothing’. This is basically using my comb to smooth out my hair after finger combing. I don’t comb through, just use the comb to smooth my hair on top.
  • Cross wrapping: This was my primary method of maintaining my hair at night (except when I do a curly style).
Cross wrapping


  • Overnight deep conditioning: I stumbled on this by accident and my hair really likes it. I might not do overnight conditioning but I will continue to do deep conditioning for long hours.
  • Tea rinse before cleansing: Doing tea rinses after cleansing my hair leaves it feeling hard. I really detest hard hair! I decided to try it before cleansing and I think i like it better. The only problem with this is that you wash out the tea and my hair doesn’t get as much benefits from the rinse like I would have preferred.
  • Roller setting: I like the results I get from roller setting but I am such a slow roller setter. I will probably go to a salon to get it done when I need to.
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