Why Your Hair Scissors Play a Key Role in Your Hair Journey

As a loose natural (and even now as a loc-head), I had to deal with tons of single strand knots also known as SSKs. These knots may seem inconsequential but they used to drive me nuts! My first instinct is always to snap them off when I feel them (I still indulge in this guilty pleasure)!

With time I realised that this was extremely bad for my ends. With every knot I snapped off of my head, my hair health depreciated a LOT. So I decided to purchase a pair of scissors – just something sharp.

Obviously, I got the wrong pair of scissors. I just grabbed the cheapest thing I could. Flash forward to a couple of years and I was gifted my very own pair of hair shears! Elite Models Hairdressers Scissors – that’s what they’re called!

The Importance of Sharp Hair Scissors

Personally, I think if you have hair, it is absolutely vital to have a pair of proper hair scissors. The second most important is to keep them clean and sharp. Using a blunt pair of scissors damages the ends of the hair nearly as much as snapping off knots.

The curator of the The Natural Haven blog went as far as conducting an experiment to see what our ends look like when we either snap knots off them, use a blunt pair of scissors, use a pair of paper scissors or use a paper of proper hair shears.

How do you know the best scissors to use?

The easiest way to go about this is to test your pair of scissors by just snipping it. If you hear the sharp snip, you’re ready for business! If not, you’ll probably have to clean and sharpen your pair. Or you could just buy a new one.

With your sharp pair of hair scissors in your hands, you’re ready to face the onslaught of SSKs with proper defence! Also you’re well and ready for DIY trim days. If you don’t trust your stylist’s pair of scissors, you could also take yours! It’s a win-win!

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