Introducing a new blogger: Fadesola and her hair journey

Hola everyone. My name is Fadilah Bakre but I prefer to be called Fadesola. I am a young Nigerian and a student of one of Nigeria’s first generation universities. I also write on Naturesecreto, an alternative medicine blog because I’m trying to tow the natural way (but not with my hair). AND now I write for Sizzelle.

I enjoy a lot of things but exercise isn’t one of them. Well, let’s just say I am lazy but I know better. I love experimenting with “stuff” in the kitchen but I’m not much of a cook. I also enjoy meeting new people, reading and gisting. Funny enough, I used to be a shy girl but in recent times, I have found my voice.

I started my hair journey when I accidentally stumbled on a Bellanaija article about a Nigerian girl with waist length hair. I rushed over to her blog to feed on all the information available there. I read a lot of other hair blogs and started my hair journey in March 2013. I had my hair cut back to neck length and started from there.

Right now, my hair is shoulder length relaxed hair transitioning to ‘texlaxed’. Just like every other person, I am impatient about my hair growing to my desired length. However, I still can’t decide on my ultimate hair goal. I guess I should be cool with waist length hair. My favourite go-to protective style is buns and I’m gearing up to try relaxing myself.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell!

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