Growing my eyebrows

Hello Beautiful people, How are you??? I hope the ministry is going well….

The eye-brow is a very important part of woman’s look…Some ladies groom them every 2 weeks while some don’t even bother about them.

But then at one point as a lady you’ve thought of your brows?!

I shave mine with a blade after three weeks but now, I’ve decided to let them grow back again. For a month now, I’ve not touched my brows but it’s growing slowly and I need it to grow fast… I’ve been doing the following and I’ve seen some improvement.


1. I apply Castor oil at nights (when I remember).

2. Using a spoolie brus, I brush my brows with a clear mascara gel + castor oil before I leave the house just to arrange them.

3. Some nights, I’ve used Hair Elixir + Olive oil.

Another thing you can try is to install a weave with front bangs to cover your brows and just forget about it for at least 4 weeks!



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