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The Greenhouse effect hair regimen is part of a regimen called the Real Queens Regimen designed by a hair blogger called Meeka Jael. Meeka used this Greenhouse to grow her hair very fast within a period of less than one year.

Meeka jael hair greenhouse effect

The Real Queens Regimen (gotten directly from the Real Queens Websiterecommends that you

  • Prepoo and shampoo once a month (or twice if necessary)
  • Condition if you need/want to
  • Try to only use 100% natural products in your hair
  • Do the Green House Effect as often as you can

These are the steps for the Green House Effect(GHE). You:

  • Apply a 100% natural oil, oil blend, or butter of your choice to dry or damp hair. I advise that you slightly moisturize your hair first because it is better to put oil on hair that is moisturisedz
  • prep your hair for the next day with braids/twists/bantus etc. or just do a ponytail or bun…it’s up to you
  • Put on a shower cap/plastic bag and tie it down with a head tie (for extra heat you can wear a hat over that)
  • Go to sleep or leave it on for a long period of time
  • In the morning, just style your hair as usual (if doing a set, for best results let it air dry before you take out your braids/twists/bantus).

In addition, Meeka doesn’t recommend applying your scalp.

To be honest, I don’t do everything this regimen recommends: I just pick the ones that FIT INTO my own regimen: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it“. If your regimen works for you, just find a way to add it in.

How I incorporate some aspects of the Greenhouse regimen into my hair regimen is as follows:

I do wash my hair weekly and truthfully, it’s a bit stressful mixing up natural or home-made conditioners. It’s way easier to just use my regular products. This means that I HAVE to wash my hair weekly to prevent product build-up.

  1. I use ONLY Sulfate-free shampoos weekly and use a clarifying shampoo once every 4-6 weeks.
  2. I apply ONLY natural oils to my hair: you’ll NEVER find mineral oil or petrolatum in any of my products.
  3. On my wash days, I base my scalp with Strong Roots Pimento oil or any other oil I have at hand. [yes I know Meeka doesn’t recommend it but I have to find a way to get some of my essential oils on my scalp]. I then follow up by applying my pre-poo oil or conditioner to my entire hair. I cover my hair with my shower cap, then my sleep bonnet and either go about or go to bed (if it’s at night). The following morning, I wash my hair. Then I deep condition and style my hair as normal.
  4. Sometimes during the week, I apply oil to my scalp and hair, wear a bonnet, then a shower cap and a crochet beret on top of this. If my hair is just too dry: I oil my hair, wear a shower cap, a satin bonnet and then my crochet beret on top of this. I go to bed with this and style my hair in the morning. Most of the time, my hair feels slightly damp when I take off my bonnet and shower cap. If I use a lot of oil, then I rinse it off and air dry my hair.

Tip: if you are applying oil to hair that is not well moisturized, it can lead to further breakage. To minimize this risk, you can:

  1. moisturize your hair lightly by using a spray leave-in conditioner or water before applying the oil.
  2. pat your hair lightly with the oil and don’t manipulate your hair at all.  By the time you take off your shower cap in the morning, your hair should feel moist and you can now comb and style your hair as you please.

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  1. Hello Dr Fomsky, good afternoon. I hope u nd ur family are all good. My name is Azeeza. I stay in Jos/Lagos, Nigeria. I just came across ur blog nd I absolutely love it! I just recently started out on a natural hair journey in July this year. I dont intend 2 relax my hair anytime soon(I hope I have the strength nd will power not to bend under stress nd change my mind, lol). I’m transitioning from my relaxed state bcz I’m not brave enough to cut my hair short. I just want you to give me advice on how to go about this incredibly tough but positively life changing experience…. I’ll be grateful for any advice on hair regimens, products and tips… Thank u! 😀

    1. Hello Azeeza. Thank you sooo much for your compliments on the blog! How are things in Jos? Hope fine? I’m doing okay. And my family too by God’s grace.
      Going on a natural hair journey might seem daunting but take things one day at a time and transitioning is not so easy but what you can do is to decide if you want to let your hair out during this period or cover it up with braids, wigs or weaves.
      If you want to let your hair out, co-washing your hair in the middle of the week will be your best friend when your new growth and relaxed hair are no longer friends ie when the new growth becomes unbearable. You’ll need to deep condition your hair at least once a week too. Then applying oils on your new growth can also help soften it to enable you manage the two different textures. If you’re air drying, always use a scarf to tie down your hair.
      If you want to use extensions, that’ll be a bit easier. Simply keep your extensions no more than 6 weeks. Lightly spray your hair and scalp with a light moisturizing spray. Wash and deep condition your hair after you take down your extensions. Wait at least a week and then re-fix.

  2. Hi Dr. Fomsky. Thanks for the post. Please, I need to know.; how do you prevent greasiness/greasy feel if you have to put oil in your hair everyday?

    1. Hi Missy. You’re most welcome. Use only a little oil and use something light e.g jojoba oil or grape seed oil. When I do the Greenhouse effect during the week, I usually use only a little oil so it doesn’t feel too oily. If it does feel oily, co-wash my hair in the morning. The main day I do the Greenhouse effect is the night before I wash my hair, using it as an overnight pre-poo. In the morning, I wash my hair.

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