How my hair makes me realise how much God loves me!

First off, I have no religion. I say this because what I have is way more than a set of principles and rules that make me better. No, what I have is a personal relationship with Jesus. And thus with God and the Holy Spirit as they are one.

One thing I always remind myself is that God is with me always. The intellectual part of me asks, ‘How that is possible? Don’t the other 8 billion people matter?’. The child in me is ecstatic about this prospect..I mean, ‘How cool is that?!?’ God is always with me. What I realise is this: to truly believe that God loves me enough to be with me at all times, I have to absolutely believe without a doubt that He actually loves me.

When I ask God how much He loves me, He tells me He loves me with an everlasting love.. I may not have completely grasped this. However, He tells me He loves me so much that He gave Himself for me. Again, maybe I don’t completely understand how big this love is and then he tells me to have no fear that even the hairs of my head are numbered as I am of more value than many sparrows. (Reference Matthew 10:26-31)

These thoughts also got me thinking about all the people who loved me the most on earth: my friends and family. It struck a new chord: none of these people loved me enough to care about how many hairs are on my head. My mother never sat me down to count how many hairs were on my head in case any got “hurt”. Heck even I, myself never cared so much about myself to count how much hair was on my head. But guess what? I have a God, a heavenly Abba that cares that much about me. And you too! Cos’ He loves each of us as if we were the only ones!

God cares so much about me, about you to know how much hair is on your head, don’t forget the breakage and shedding o!!! Do you know how many strands we shed in a day? A week? A month? And yet, this God keeps track! What??!? How awesome is that?! *OTIS SCREAM*

Ladies. Everyone. Just in case, you’re not sure or were doubting the extent and strength of God’s love for you or you’re not sure that his presence is with you, trust me: God is with you. He loves you immensely. As though you were the only one in the world!! Who has your time that much that he would count your hair? LOL! Even you would be freaked out! 😛

God’s love is amazing. When I think about dealing with my hair: the fullness of it and how it can get really annoying, numbering it would definitely be cumbersome. However, my God does that and it makes me ecstatic! We just really have to come to full realisation of God’s love and accept it cos’ only then can we freely give this love and break through barriers that our society has placed. Only when you know the love of God can you give love.

Love, Tunrie.

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