A flat tummy after a C section? Is it possible?

I had my three kids via

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C/Section and I’ve been battling with my tummy ever since! I’ve always envied my friends that delivered via normal delivery because my tummy is way bigger than theirs. The good thing about delivering normally is that you can immediately ‘tie’ your tummy or wear an ab band. I have a firm belief that doing this really helps to push the tummy in.

I usually start light to moderate exercise about 3 weeks after delivery but avoid any ab exercises during this time: I usually wait till six weeks post-delivery. After six weeks, I start wearing a post-partum girdle and only then do I begin ab exercises. Cautiously.

I personally advise that you should also wait at least 6 weeks after a C/section before you start doing any abdominal exercises. When you start exercising, watch out for pain and stop immediately if you feel any. If the pain persists, see your doctor.

I sometimes see ladies, especially celebrities, who just had their babies showing off leaner bodies or flatter abs within weeks of delivery. I think that this puts pressure on some ladies. Please don’t put yourself down because of someone else’s appearance. Work hard to lose the baby weight but don’t beat yourself if you don’t lose it as fast as you’d like to.

In a previous post, I described the three abdominal muscle groups: the rectus abdominis muscles (which are responsible for the ‘six-pack’), the oblique muscles (for the waistline) and the transverse abdominis (a horizontal muscle which acts like a band to help hold the tummy in and make it flat).

To get a flat tummy, you need to work on this transverse abdominis muscle. I will be talking more in-depth about exercises targeted to this muscle next week.
To answer the question I asked in the title of the post: I believe it’s possible to have a flat tummy after a C-section. I haven’t gotten there yet but I’m working towards it!!

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