Styling Escapades for my natural hair!!

Mahalo people.
Since I got rid of the yarn wraps I had in for about 6 weeks, I decided to play around a bit with my hair. Precisely 2 Sundays.
I fell into a bit of a routine, where I had my hair in chunky little braids/knots (moisturized my ends in them) and tied scarves all through the week and as Sunday came, BAM!

My first adventure was bantu knots! I had attempted this a while back but the knots kept unraveling so I gave up. Months later, with a lot more growth plus a lot more knowledge (Youtube videos), I tried them again, and tada, they held! Armed with Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la and Cantu repair creme, not wanting my roots to be messy, I started by flat twisting the base. Next, I twisted it all the way, twirled it and wrapped the section around itself and I didn’t need a bobby pin for support. Whoop!

The next morning I was up early, with oil-dampened fingers. I unraveled my knots and I wasn’t so impressed with the results. My hair clumped/defined nicely in some parts and didn’t in others. I figured it was cos I didn’t do the knots on stretched hair. But it was all good.
I was still excited about it so I rocked it with a peacock feather Dorothy Perkins headband. And though, I didn’t think it was all that I strutted my stuff yo! I got to church and my people loved it! I was surprised & excited. It was a cool day all in all.



My second adventure was a braid out! I had my hair in chunky braids all week-long so another Sunday came and I unraveled. The braid-out was perfect!! However, I just quite didn’t know what to do with it. So I oiled my rubber band to avoid hassles (to prevent breakage & PAIN when I was gonna get it off at the and used it to hold up my bun! Genius right?! Oh yea. Compliments flowed in as usual. I was getting good at this stuff!

PhotoGrid_1394827491976 PhotoGrid_1394829014151

Third and final adventure which i think is my biggest yet, is my CROCHET BRAIDS *drumroll*. After being inspired by my curlfriend, Ekene ( who directed me to Jouelzy’s youtube tutorial. I was really hyped about this prospect. After prepping my hair: mild cleansing, deep conditioning and moisturizing, I asked, begged,my sister to help me braid my hair as I wanted and then I proceeded to start crocheting. I used 2 packs of Royal Silk kinky hair which I had used before (washed with my deconstructed Dudu-Osun). About 4 hours later, I was done. My arms ached, my eyes watered but I was done and excited enough to do a mini photo-shoot. Ghen ghen. Hopefully, I’ll have this in for about 6 weeks or more.

PhotoGrid_1394828868184 PhotoGrid_1394827682463

The first day I wore it out, someone trailed me to ask if it was my hair, you can only imagine how wide my grin was! Everyone loved it..ees like they love me too much abi? LOL.

It was really enjoyable styling my hair though: all three attempts I had were really fun and I actually look forward to making my hair more! I hope someone gets inspired to do something!

Love, Tunrie.


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  1. i’m so enjoying following you on this trip to self discovery . i love the piece about bantu knots, it looks super lovely on u .

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