Fight for Balance: Moisture vs Protein.

Ah. Anytime my hair starts to feel funny and I just can’t place a finger on what the problem is, somehow research leads me to the fact that my hair is either lacking protein or moisture or that there’s too much moisture and not enough protein or vice versa. image To me, this talk is seriously headache-inducing: like I didn’t have enough problem building a regimen and all that stuff for my hair. 😛 Now, I also have to think about balancing moisture and protein!! Truthfully, the idea of how much work I had to do to get this balance made my stomach churn. Since I really plan on having healthy hair, and retaining much length, I did their “experiments” to ensure that there was a balance with the moisture and protein. To check for the protein/moisture level in your hair, do the following: When your hair is wet, grab your coils/curls, stretch it all the way and let go. Now if it bounces right back into place, you have a good amount of protein/moisture and if it breaks or snaps easily, you need more moisture. If it stretches and stretches before breaking, you probably need more protein.

If my hair is composed mostly of fibrous insoluble protein, keratin, can’t I get enough protein for my hair from just my diet? Anyways, you can see why I have headaches when I think of balancing moisture and protein in my hair. It is important to note that moisture is really quite important for your hair growth, you can almost compare how much you hair needs moisture to how much plants need water.

So to relieve you of the stress, some easy ways to balance the protein in your hair regimen is to add egg yolks, mayonnaise or yoghurt to your regular conditioner which is probably a moisture deep conditioner. This brings us to the importance of reading the ingredients on our hair products.

Moisture, on the other hand, can be incorporated by humectants like glycerine (best for hot humid weather), honey and aloe vera gel.

In the case where you can’t be bothered with reading confusing ingredients lists of products, you could just whip up your own balancing deep conditioner to keep your hair healthy and beautiful! 😛

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