My favourite ways to stretch my natural hair

Even though I’ve been natural for a few months, one of the major techniques I’ve grown to cherish is stretching my hair. It helps prevent knots and tangles, which makes my hair easy to handle.

This is my hair immediately after washing it. If I don’t stretch it, I’ll be dealing with tangles for DAYS.

There are TONS of ways to stretch your natural hair including twists, threading, and blow drying. We have a few posts sharing various techniques.

I have two go-to methods which I love because they don’t involve heat and give me a pretty good stretch.

Stretched hair from a braid-out


Most of the time, I braid my hair after wash day. It gives me a great stretch and results in a nice braid out. Typically, I use about 8 – 12 braids and leave it overnight. I also use it to keep my hair stretched before I go to sleep. The downside is that I have to manipulate my hair daily.


Rollers can provide an awesome stretch. I like to use curlformers for the ultimate stretch. Normally, I use Naptural85’s heatless blow out technique with my curlformers. You can also try this method with flexi rods or magnetic rollers. Any roller that can create enough tension with your hair should be able to provide an adequate stretch.

My heatless blowout with curlformers

Now over to you. What’s your go-to method for stretched hair?

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