So, what is the fastest hair growth product?

To be honest, I dont know which aid works fastest but the following are ingredients you can look out for in hair growth products.
I regularly use some of these products but at the end of the day, results vary from person to person.

hair growth aids

1. Eggs. You can jazz up your favourite protein conditioner by adding eggs. There is no need to use heat when you use eggs to condition your hair.
2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). You can add ACV to your shampoos, deep conditioners or as a final rinse after rinsing off your deep conditioner.
3. Aloe vera: The aloe vera plant is enriched with enzymes and vitamins which accelerate hair growth. It can also help reduce shedding. You can add aloe vera juice to your conditioners or leave-in conditioners. You can mix it with your cleansing clays, etc or directly spray it on your scalp and hair to seal the hair cuticles.
4. Sage oil
5. Jamaican black castor oil: This viscous oil is well known for accelerating hair growth and increasing thickness.
6. Stinging nettle
8. Lavender oil
10. Onion juice: Rich in sulfur and many enzymes & vitamins, onions can help promote hair growth.
11. Cedarwood oil: This strong-smelling essential oil is great for promoting hair growth.
12. Thyme oil
13. Pimento oil
14. Cayenne pepper
15. Sulfur

Not sure which hair growth aid to use?
These are my suggestions. Pick one or more, as suits your lifestyle or routine.
1. Prepoo with pimento oil or onion juice.
2. Add aloe vera juice to your shampoos or conditioners.
3. Mix essential oils and/or Jamaican black castor oil with your deep conditioner.
4. If you are a ‘mixologist’ like one of our Sizzelle bloggers, Tunrie, then you can make your own hair growth stimulating product. For example, try mixing your own daily hair massage oil using sulfur and Jamaican black castor oil OR mix rosemary, thyme, lavender, cedarwood oil with jojoba oil. The possibilities of mixtures is endless and depends on your preference.
5. Try an already mixed hair growth aid like Hair Trigger or Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil.
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