How I extracted Vitamin E oil from capsules

It’s no news that I’m obsessed with oils. If I can’t get it or buy it, I make it.

The other day, I was scrolling through Olori’s essential oil pages and stumbled on Vitamin E oil. The price left me gobsmacked. Although, I’ve always known it was on the pricey side, I just didn’t realise it was that pricey. As always, I noticed that a lot of holistic bloggers used Vitamin E oil capsules in place of the oils itself. So, I went searching in my local pharmacy. You know how there’s always a dupe for everything?

Lo and Behold! I could actually get a whole jar of essential oils for more than half the price. I was over the moon. So, I got home, brought out an empty dark bottle and began extracting.

When I opened the jar, I was glad that the capsules were big so I assumed it won’t take too much time to extract. Of course, it didn’t. So, I got a needle, extracted the oil from each capsule gently and began pouring it into the bottle. After about 30 capsules, the bottle was almost full so I saved the rest. I didn’t want it to spill. I was done in about 20 minutes.

That was it! Very easy! One thing though is Vitamin E oil is very thick and sticky. I thought it was weird until I looked it up and saw the exact same thing. Apparently, that’s the ideal consistency. I’ll do a detailed post subsequently. Only problem I had was that the scent. I thought it smelt medicinal but that didn’t stop me from adding a few drops to my oil blend.

So, if you cannot afford the regular essential oils, you could easily check your local pharmacy. From Castor oil to Eucalyptus Oil, Glycerine, Vitamin E oil, they are all there at a much cheaper price. Besides, as long as it’s meant to be ingested, it cannot be dangerous for your hair and skin.

Next, I’m gonna be extracting Evening Primrose Oil.

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