Exercises for flatter abs – the heel slide with belly scoop!

Hi people. I promised that I would describe some exercises for a flatter tummy….I’ve decided to turn this into a weekly series where I’ll describe one or two exercise techniques.
Today, I’ll be talking about Heel slides with a belly scoop because I think they are one of the first exercises that you can do after you have recovered from child-birth or if you are just starting your workout regime. They work especially on the transverse abdominal muscles. They also help to reduce the abdominal gap that occurs in some women after pregnancy. This gap is also calleda Diastasis recti.

1. Lie on your back and bend your knees. Put your feet flat on the floor. Tilt your pelvis upwards slightly.
2. Draw in your abdominal muscles.
3. Make sure the curve of your back is on the floor throughout the exercise.
4. Relax your arms to your sides with your palms down.
5. Slide your right heel forward along the floor until your leg is flat on the floor. Now bring your leg back up to the starting position with your knee bent.

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5. Then slide your left heel forward along the floor before bringing it back to the bent knee position.
6. Back to the right leg.
7. Do five reps per leg and work up to 10. Then work up to 3 sets of 10 reps.
This exercise looks pretty easy to do but it’s not as easy as it looks because it takes ab strength to keep your abs pulled in and your back on the floor at the same time. Do it everyday for one week till my next week’s exercise and I promise you’ll see a difference in your core strength.
In the beginning, you might find it difficult to keep your back on the floor and your abs pulled in while you slide your leg down. If this is the case, only lower your legs to a point where your abs remain pulled in and your back is on the ground. As your abs strengthen, you will able to take your leg all the way down.

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  1. Dear Dr, I am a mother of 3. My size is 18. I don’t really have time to do exercise. I want to reduce my weight and my tummy is too big. Pls what can I do? thank you for your swift response.

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