[REVIEW] Every Strand Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Masque With Macadamia

Before we begin, can I just say that I’m done with any product that contains Argan Oil. Also, I’m never buying big jars of products again!

Moving on,

I got this product at the recent Lagos International Trade Fair because it was cheaper than my second choice and I didn’t want to leave without buying a deep conditioner from Kuddy Cosmetics.

Product Promise

Every Strand Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Masque is enriched with healing oil from Morocco + Therapeutic Macadamia oil from Australia. Once applied, all remnants of damage from chemicals, heat, color, relaxers & thermal tools are reversed and revitalized. Say goodbye to frizzy, dry and split ends.

Hmm, bold claims.


Purified Water, Glycerine, Cetyl Alcohol, Butylene Glyol, Stearyl Alcohol,Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Macadamia Ternifiolia Seed Oil, Fragrance, e.t.c

I don’t think I’ve ever seen these many alcohols in a product.


It comes in a medium-sized 15oz. tub which makes it super easy to scoop out. It has the right consistency and the scent isn’t too empowering which means it doesn’t linger.

How I Use:

I used it twice. With heat and without heat and they both gave me the same results. DRY HAIR. 

I tried to use them both sparingly and generously to gauge the effect each quantity would have in my hair. Still nothing.

So, no soft, shiny, smooth or free hair. NOTHING!

Rather, it was drying. My hair wasn’t moisturized. Instead, it felt like a co-wash and not a deep conditioner. Even the Glycerine and Macadamia oil which is in the middle of the ingredient list did not help!

Of course, I was sad because I had high expectations so I’m gonna have to mix it with oils the next time I use it.




Rating: Two-star-rating

Price: N1,600

Where to buy: Kuddy Cosmetics.





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