Establishing your skincare routine

Many times I get cross when I research on skincare. This is because it seems as though 99.9% of skincare posts refer actually to facial care and not to the entire body.

Don’t get me wrong facial care is important but come on, help me out here. Since not much exists to help out with building a skincare routine, I decided to take on the challenge like I would a hair care routine. Apart from daily showers, it is important to spruce things up every now and then.

The key additions to my skin care routines are ayurvedic clays and body scrubs!

Every 2 weeks, I try to do a pamper session on weekends starting with clay masks, body scrubs or polishes and even steaming if I decide to get super fancy.

After every shower, I follow up with a method I found here – basically I seal up the moisture with my body oil mix (which I shall do a post on) and seal that with my lotion. This has worked like magic for me. Before I learnt this, I used to do the reverse and end up with dry skin within a few hours. I also got a thicker lotion for this dry weather and this has been increasingly useful to combat dryness. I think the lotion used could be gauged based on the weather – light lotions when it’s humid and thicker ones when it’s dry.

I have been using the Dudu Osun soap for days I need “clarifying” for my skin and would follow up with either of the two body scrubs I have, one is a sugar scrub – and my fave and the other is the D: Tox Purifying Exfoliant Body Scrub Activated Charcoal Volcanic Ash Super Antioxidants Acai & Goji Berry which claims to whisking away bacteria and toxins and leave the skin with gentle fragrances with essential oils of luscious fig and clean green tea giving you clarity of mind, body and soul.

I’m not sure about the clarity of mind and soul, I think God has got that covered but it does a pretty good job of clarifying the skin and I love it, I may follow up with a product review. Sometimes, I would ditch the Dudu Osun entirely.

I look forward to incorporating some measures in my pamper session to tackle my feet! They could get stinky and sweaty – that’s a cry for help in my opinion.

What measures have you taken to establish your skin care routine? What are your staple products?

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