Edges of Glory

Yes, this title was inspired by Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory… Haha!! 😀

Well, if you’ve been following our Sizzelle blog, you would know how much we value our edges, yes, we did the Hairline challenge and it went amazing… Bottom line is we love our edges of glory… Lol.. But sometimes, it’s easy to sacrifice your edges for some neat looking Ghanaian braids (Woizo! to our Ghanaian readers.. :D) or million braids and I’m here to raise a moment for you to start making better hair choices!!

We say “NO!!” to :

* tight single or flat braids that pull on your beautiful edges… They may look nice initially but after a while, they start to lift off and just say bye-bye to edges with the first few pictures of the hairstyle you’ve taken… 😉

* tight tracks and weave-sewing… this not only hurt so freaking much but could cause you more than your edges, they could sometimes cause you your peace of mind.. Yes… I had this weave one time that I couldn’t keep on for more than 3 days!!! My head hurt so much!! I couldn’t sleep well. All in the name of what?? I couldn’t deal with it, not then and most especially not now.. Miss me with that please. 😀

* bonding gel… N to the O! I remember how stylists back in school wouldn’t even hear me out when I said I didn’t want bonding gel when they sewed in my weaves but it’s all hova now.. Isn’t it?

* tight ponytails… I’m not saying much on this, just give your edges a break… not literally.. -_-

We say “YES!” to:

* TLC to your edges – give your hair some tender loving-care… Don’t let any aunty making your hair braid it too tight and you’ll be there suffering and smiling… Let your pain be known biko

* reduced manipulation of edges

* JBCO or just CO (castor oil) creed… yes sisters, get to massaging… 🙂

Do all these and you’d love all your “curves and all your edges” *i’m not sure if that was lame or not*

Tunrie's Edges of Glory
Tunrie’s Edges of Glory






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