Edge Protection 101 – how to protect your edges

How important are your hair edges?

Well I’d say if you don’t want to be forced to adopt the Japanese Samurai chonmage hairstyle with no trace of hair up to the center of your head and a permanently bound up in a top knot for the rest of your hair, then your edges are pretty important.

In case you’re still kinda lost, your hair edges are the fine hair along your hair-line. They are usually softer and shorter than the rest of your hair and if not properly taken care of, break and uproot easily.

Most styles (ranging from fixing various hair pieces to Ghana weaving) worn by the typical Nubian girl affect her edges in varying degrees. However with proper maintenance, you can style your hair beautifully and still have your edges intact.

Here’s how:

  • Always apply olive oil to your edges

Even when your hair is styled, still nourish your edges with olive oil. Olive oil helps prevent DTH hormones production which is responsible for narrowing hair follicle shaft. This means olive oil can preserve those tender hair edges. Olive oil also helps to ward off dandruff, head lice and other hair scalp conditions that lead to hair loss. When your hair is woven or buried under a hair piece, application of Olive oil might be a bit tricky, to resolve this, you can opt for Olive oil hair sprays. They still get the job done.

  • Moisturize edges with coconut oil

Coconut oil is a must for your edge protection routine. It is rich in anti-microbial properties, lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids that strengthen the hair, conditions the scalp and aids hair regrowth. Coconut oil moisturizes your edges ridding it of dryness that causes breakage. It also stimulates hair growth and reaches deep into hair follicles. This ensures that the loss of hair on your edges is reduced to the barest minimum.

  • Spray in quality leave-in conditioner to your edges

This is especially beneficial for those of us that love to wear our hair in box braids and flat braids styles. Leave-in conditioners are conditioners that are not washed off but are rather left in your locks. There are various kinds of leave-in conditioners but for your edge protection, pick a quality heat protectant leave-in conditioner that locks in extra moisture in hair and detangles your hair. This will protect your edges.

  • Never allow your stylist to pull at your edges too tightly

No matter the style you’re trying to recreate, pulling your edges too tightly is a No No. It is the surest and fastest way to lose those precious tender edges. Always dish out your ‘Must-nots’ to your stylists early enough before they become too ‘creative’ with your hair edges. Better still, opt to leave your edges out and style them using an edge control.

  • Allow your hair to recuperate

Always give your edges ample time to recover from one style before putting it through another style. Give those tender edges a much-needed holiday from time to time.

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