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I attended the 17th edition of Naturals In The City over the weekend. Usually, I come up with a hairstyle way before the event but this time around I was too busy to even remember. I had to spend over an hour in front of the mirror before I could come up with a decent style. I went from one style to the other until I settled on an afro puff which I turned into a sleek bun.

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What I used.


What I did.

I had my hair in braids overnight so I took it down and moisturized each section with the Kuicare Moisturizing Cream. Remember I said that I tried different styles before eventually settling on an afro puff? So, I brushed my hair in place and put it in a puff. Then used some Eco Styler Gel to sleek down my hair WHILE it was still in a puff. I was running late already. Then I took my bun maker and placed it in the center of my puff, wrapped my hair around it and used some clips to hold it in place. Remember my allergies to bobby pins? This is so much better. When I was done I wrapped my hair in a satin scarf and went to get dressed.

Surprisingly, it came out well. I actually got a lot of compliments. People kept wondering why my hair looked so soft and nice, you know. I felt good about it. So, this might be my staple go – to style for now because it’s not time-consuming. I didn’t even need to use a washed hair that is why I wasn’t so worried about the quantity of gel I used because I used quite a bit.

The great thing about this is that it makes for a great protective style. Plus if your hair isn’t long enough you could always attach some extensions.

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