Where to Draw the Line – Product Junkism.

Hello people! It’s been a minute.

Well, in my recent post , ‘Being a Natural has made me…‘, I talked about some habits that I have inculcated so far since cutting my hair: some were good, some weren’t so impressive and one of the not-so-impressive ones is Product Junkism.

Product junkism

Technically, I’m not even a product junkie, but

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this is not to justify myself…

Product Junkism is when we start to buy lots of products regardless of whether we need them or not, just because we have read a review or want to try something new. The thing with this is, it leaves us surrounded with so much products that you couldn’t possibly use up on your own until you get to that stage where you ask yourself, “is this life just a cup of soaked garri?” Just kidding. I mean you ask yourself how you got to that stage where every product someone tells you about has to be a must-have. And by the time you do a rough analysis of how much of your earnings is going to product procurement, you realise that you might as well kuku just rent a hall, organise a forum and do a paid-entry product swap meet.

Since I’m also dealing with this especially when it comes to oils, I have some tips that may help. First off, I do not have a LOT of products technically speaking as I said earlier,. My stash is mostly budget-friendly but I see some stashes and I know that ‘stash pass stash’. Hay! See Aubrey Organics, Shea Moisture products, Aphogee! Chei…. Truly ‘mouth-watering, product-junkie-esque’642-374
stashes. Anyways, yes, my stash mostly has oils, grapeseed oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, castor oil, lavender essential oil, Hair Trigger etc. Very recently, I had to stop myself from purchasing the truly tempting Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil and Mustard Oil.

Now, it wasn’t that these products were so expensive, I just had to stop myself because I realised that most of these oils and even products have overlapping benefits. Like take coconut oil and grapeseed oil, they are both light oils and the both have similar attributes so even though you may want both, you don’t necessarily NEED both. The comparison goes on and on but I’m sure you get my drift.

What Could Help:

1. ASK YOURSELF QUESTIONS. Well, you don’t just see a product and jump on it. Think about the one you already have and try to estimate the period of time it would take for you to exhaust it. You’ll find that after all this exercise of the mind, you won’t want to buy more.

2. Another way is to DECLUTTER – Give out products, I personally do this. This because I don’t wear my hair out a lot so the idea of having 2 leave-in conditioners didn’t make sense cos’ one would surely expire before I ran out of the other, so I gave it out. Problem solved. Plus I really don’t like seeing a lot of containers/bottles.. so less stress. AND you will surely be glad for making someone happy.

3. Another method to this madness is SHARING. If you think you absolutely have to get the product, then share it with someone. You could get a friend and buy it together and then split it. I do this with products I’m not sure about. Like the time I got amla oil, my friend and I shared it.

If all these fails, remember you can open your own used-products store or host the event I mentioned above…trust me to show up.http://www.lead4pass.com

What other ideas do you have to curtail product junkism?

P.S: This post was triggered by the number of bottles on my shelf. Can be annoying……

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