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Hi, my lovely people! It’s been ages and I have so much to say.

Happy 2018! What’s been happening?

I started blogging as a hobby after having my first daughter. Before I knew it, it had taken over a large part of my life and filled the void I was experiencing from not practicing my profession. Sizzelle was even born out of this passion for hair care. Although I always planned to re-enter medical practice, many people around me assumed that my new career was blogging and haircare.

Moving to Canada in August 2016 opened the door for me to re-enter my career. I have been working on that. As a result of this and many other factors, thinking of hair and skin care has become so trivial to me. Not that I don’t take care of my hair or skin. I do but they are secondary needs at this point in my life. They no longer take up much of my time. I hardly do long conditioning sessions and the likes anymore. Ths is why I haven’t been responding to most of your comments and messages, and I’m so sorry for that. Henceforth, I promise to respond to your comments to the best of my abilities, and if the need arises, I will refer you to a hair care specialist.

I have a longer post on my Inspirational and lifestyle blog explaining what else I’ve been up to. If you’re interested, you can read coming out of limbo!

I did a big chop in January 2017, and my hair is now natural. I did rock the low cut look for almost 9 months. When it got to an awkward length, I started having crochet extensions installed. Since I did the big chop, I have also not been feeling very confident about my knowledge of hair anymore. Many products have also let me down. As a result, I have not been very willing to dish out product advice too.

Although I intend to re-start blogging about hair care, I will not be doing any educative or informative posts for now. I’ll only be doing posts about my experiences, wash days and products I try. I also can’t make any promises about the frequency of my posts. You might also see some sponsored posts once in a while but I will indicate it when a post is not published by me.

Lastly, I plan to go through some of my old posts and if necessary, delete the ones I feel are no longer consistent with my current beliefs or values about hair care.

How have you been? What’s been up with y’all? I’d really really like to hear from you! Did I fail to respond to your message or comment? Please leave another one below this post! Thanks for your patience!

Till my next post….

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  1. Dr. Fomskyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, it’s been ages. What part of the globe have you been at? Missed your posts.. Reading this post made me understand while you’ve been silent all this while…your career line can be demanding…and you definitely don’t wanna make any mistake on a patient?. It’s so great to hear from you again sis. I still haven’t gotten over you cutting your hair…that hair was long naaa… Do you think the Canadian weather is good on natural hair? Somehow I have always felt the weather there would make out kinky hair more manageable…

    It’s great hearing from you again doc…do keep in touch.

    1. Olivia!!! Hi! I’ve missed you too! How are you doing? Hmmmm….I’m not quite sure the effect the Canadian weather has on natural hair but I’ll keep you ladies updated on my hair. Maybe, we can find out together.
      Hugs and kisses!

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