When in Doubt, Tie a Turban!

So recently I’ve been on a minor minor break with my hair. A number of factors caused it, ranging from the amount of other people’s hands in my hair and my sheer bad-ass-ness.

So yes, I found myself tying up my hair more and more often and for the first time in a long time, I was grateful for my mother’s amazing wardrobe of ankara fabrics. So as the days went by, I’d just go through her wardrobe and pick out a scarf to go with whatever outfit I had on for the day.

Turban natural hair

It’s been really nice!! I’ve gotten lots of attention and compliments just with my ankara turban. And my mother will always make a funny comment on it. Anyways, it’s quite easy achieving this look. Lemme try my best to put it in words…

i. Get your scarf and fold it, as though making a triangle.

ii. As opposed to tying your scarf from the front and knotting at the back, take the scarf, bend your head and tie it, making a knot in the front.

iii. If your scarf is really big, the ‘apex’ of your triangle will be in your face now, if it isn’t big, it’s still alright. Just fold over the remnant scarf in your face and with the left-over of your knot, neatly tuck it in through the nape.

I have a picture of a short picture tutorial below but I think my technique is slightly different from the one on top and picture-worthy too. 😀 Hopefully I’ll also do my own pictorial post soon to help out.



This will definitely come to your rescue on bad hair days and days when you can’t be bothered to style!!

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