DIY Oatmeal Vinegar Mask


I decided to try a different variation of the oatmeal mask especially since it’s been a while. This time I used raw undiluted apple cider vinegar (ACV).

Warning: It stings like hell!!!

What I Used
1 tsp of ground oatmeal. (I usually blend it for easy application)
2 drops of ACV

– Mix both ingredients into a paste.
– Apply and leave it for 5 minutes maximum or as long as you can stand the sting (and tears).
– Rinse off with water (Optional)
– Apply honey to soothe the stinging sensation
– Leave for 15 – 20 minutes
– Rinse off
– Pat to dry

I think I’m going to try this mask again, this time with diluted ACV (I’ll probably just use my toner) and another with honey.

* Oatmeal is awesome for exfoliation;
* ACV for acne and blackheads; and
* Honey for moisturizing.

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