DIY – How to make Neem/Camwood Black Soap

I just realized that I have all of these Ayurvedic powders that I hardly use. Not that I don’t use them at all, they are just not my priority in my skincare routine. They are mostly additions. Supplements. I decided to sort all the potential additions in my stash to my black soap mix. In no particular order, they are: TurmericActivated CharcoalCamwoodNeem, Oatmeal and Hibiscus.

This time, I chose Camwood and Neem because I wanted a mix of the known and unknown to spice things up. I also wanted to see if I could stand Neem powder in soaps. The most interesting thing was that instead of my regular lemon juice which I usually use as a base, I used my fresh aloe vera gel. This was completely accidental. I had no idea it was going to turn out so yummy!  The idea was to add a bit of aloe vera to the mix. Before I knew it, I was mixing it and it was turning out really nice so I added a bit more to get a creamy consistency. Did I say yum? Eventually, I did not need to use lemon juice so I just added my oil and left it to cure.

Anyways, this is what the recipe looked like


As usual, you mix everything together and allow it to cure for as long as you want. I’m actually thinking of making a batch and leaving it to cure for about six months. You know, the longer you leave it, the more potent it becomes!



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