DIY: How to extract Aloe Vera Gel from the plant

Just as I was about to make a new batch of aloe vera juice, it just occurred to me to try some aloe vera gel alone. This is mostly as a result of the lack of aloe vera in most if not all of my formulations – except for the hair spritz.

The rains are here and my aloe vera plants have been flourishing so much that I am often tempted to experiment with them. It occurred to me to make them in such a way that I would have easy access to incorporate them in my DIY projects.

So, I got to work. Let me just add that this is super similar to my aloe vera juice recipe so it’s nothing strange or difficult.


The entire process took less than 30 minutes. First, I plucked about 7 medium to large stems then washed them thoroughly. After this, I opened each stem up and scooped the gel out.You can cut it into two if you like. When I was done, I placed the gel in the blender and blended it completely until there was no clumps left. So, you should have a liquid gel. Now, usually at this point I add some water to make some juice but that I skipped that step in this case. I just blended all of the gel I scooped out. This is also the reason why I made sure I had more than enough gel so that it would blend easily. After blending, it becomes frothy. Leave it for a while to settle. Then pour it into your desired container to store it. Mine is usually a bottle. Don’t forget to refrigerate it to maintain its freshness.

I was so excited with this result that I could not wait to add it to my body butters, soaps and whatnot.


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