DIY: How to dye your hair at home

Hair colour adds pizzazz your look. For the frugal, dyeing your hair at home is the way to go!

To switch things up a bit, I’m going to list 4 reasons why you should be more playful with your hair.

  • Compliments – bucketfuls of nice, endearing compliments
  • More attention to your hair – if you want to trick yourself into caring more for your hair, get it coloured! Colouring alters the hair structure and makes it more prone to dryness so you would have to give it some more tender loving care
  • Fierce, edgy look – this would inadvertently affect your self-confidence for good. Adenike’s color job still ranks high on my SLAY charts


  • Express yourself – go wild! It’s a New Year, you can be playful with some of your hair choices!

…when you change your hair color, you’re treated so differently. It’s a very funny experience – I love changing up my hair. – Kate Bosworth

I’ve had my fair share of failed DIY dye jobs so this should really come in handy. I like that the doesn’t require too many elements.

Ronke Raji’s video successfully shows us how this DIY business should go down. It’s a no-brainer that I’m sharing it with you now. At least, someone would find it useful.

P R O D U C T S  U S E D

Dark and Lovely go intense in golden brown (easily accessible in supermarkets and stores)
Foil Paper (to be found in the kitchen section of your local store)
Comb (combs are everywhere!!!)

With some time on your hands and just 3 tools, you can fiercely rock a new look! How cool is that?



  • Protect your hands with a pair of gloves (one should come in the box of hair dye)
  • Make sure to do a strand test to verify that your scalp or hair does not have an adverse reaction


Until next time!


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