DIY Chamomile Body Scrub

So, I decided to make a fresh batch of body scrub as I was itching to make an actual herbal scrub. As usual, I made enough last for about two weeks or less depending on how frequently I exfoliate.

I recently got a mini pyrex. Hopefully, my measurements would be more accurate subsequently. I’m determined to actually stop eyeballing measurements. Also, I got some fine sea salt. This is very different from the ones I’ve been using in the past. It’s plain and isn’t mixed with any additives. This way, I can fully tweak it to suit my style.

I’m looking forward to getting mason jars and wooden utensils.

5 tsp of Sea Salt
10 tsp of Sunflower oil
5 tsp of Honey
1 tsp of dried Chamomile

As usual, mix everything the ingredients and sprinkle the chamomile nicely. Then pour it into your regular jar. (You should have one for your scrubs)

I do not like my scrubs to be too sticky but rather moisturizing so I use more oil and less honey just to balance it up. Ideally, I should have added some essential oils for scent but I wanted to have a feel of the herbs. If I can’t stand the herbs, I’d definitely be adding some lavender oil subsequently.

So, scrub away!

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