DIY Black Tea – Moringa Rinse


I noticed some moringa lying around plus I was suffering from an itchy scalp so I decided to make use of it.

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How I treat an itchy scalp

What I Used
2 bags of black tea
2 tsp of Moringa powder.

– I brewed some black tea and added 2 tsp of Moringa powder straight into it – in its hot state.
– Left it to cool.
– Next, I sieved the rinse to prevent the Moringa residues from leaving particles in my hair. I did this twice between intervals.
– Afterwards, I used it on my hair with the ‘pour and catch method’. Please read Just Grow Already blog to see how Jeni does this pour and catch method.

Black Tea is great for reducing hair shedding and for relieving an itchy scalp.
* Moringa is also great for strengthening hair and preventing breakage.

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