Detangling hair: Wet versus Dry?

Woohoo! Nothing particularly exciting but oh well. I finally took down my yarn wraps last week, making it 6 weeks of protective styling. I genuinely wanted to stretch it to 8 weeks but the build-up at my roots and a new style I’ve been eyeing, hastened my fingers to work. And it took me about 1 week of lazying around till I finally unraveled all the wraps on my head. Don’t mind the long time i took: I typically like to loosen the back of my protective styles first, wait a couple of days, then the rest and during the waiting period, I use the remaining braids/wraps to cover my naked hair in the back. LOL. Weird but true. It’s like carrying a secret no? LOL, it’s not that serious..

Okay. I think I’m probably one of the slowest detanglers around. I mean I actually detangled as I went. After unraveling a yarn wrap, I would detangle the little section, particularly because of the build-up at the base. I twisted each detangled section. I decided to take pictures of my detangling methods.



For me, you could do dry or wet detangling.
The dry detangling is not exactly dry, more of oily. When dry detangling, you first apply some oil to the tips of your finger and then coat the little section and then gently detangle, pulling away shed hair and separating the build-up, the oil really eases up this process and leaves your hair as stretched as it was before you detangled! Which is a plus if your hair or scalp isn’t dirty and you plan to style later.

The wet detangling for me comprised of cold tap water, some oils and my Beautiful Textures leave-in conditioner in my spritz bottle. I also added some of my mum’s regular condish to thicken it a bit. Wet detangling also eases up the process: you spritz the mix on your section of hair and start pulling out the shed hair and separating the build-up.

The key difference is that with wet detangling, my natural hair reverted back to its kinky coily state, in a split second! The water in the mix woke my strands up and they coiled up pretty quick while in the other sections where I used just my oil mix, (amla, palm kernel, castor and some drops of lavender essential oil), my hair remained pretty stretched. Th oils just coated my strands and made it just slippery enough to make detangling possible but it did not provide as much slip as I had with my leave-in spritz.

Which do I prefer? Erm, both. I would definitely go with dry detangling if my hair and scalp wasn’t dirty and I planned on doing a style like bantu knots or flat twisting afterwards. On the other hand, in the case where I would still wash my hair immediately afterwards, I don’t see the point of dry detangling as I’m still going to wet my entire hair anyways!

When I compared the section where I used oil to the one where I used the spritz, my hair had reverted to about 50% shrinkage. Natural hair kaya. LOL.
When I compared the section where I used oil to the one where I used the spritz, my hair had reverted to about 50% shrinkage. Natural hair kaya. LOL.

It was quite fun observing my hair’s reaction to both methods: which do you prefer? Do you detangle dry or wet hair?


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