Ebun’s mini haul in December


I don’t think I’ve ever bought more than two products from a particular brand at once before. This month was easily a Zaron month. Apparently, it’s one of the most affordable quality makeup brands. So, I decided to check them out.

1. Zaron Face Primer – N3,000
I’ve been using Mary Kay Foundation Primer for a long time now. It has overstayed its welcome plus it wasn’t serving me well anymore.

2. Zaron Face Definer – N3,000
I might have slightly joined the contour bandwagon. I bought this kit because I didn’t want to go through the process of concealer/setting powder. This is a better alternative. I just need to get a hang of it.

3. Zaron Eyebrow Definer – N1,500
I’m really tired of using pencils to fill in my brows. This was long overdue.

4. Zaron Matte Lipstick in Butterscotch – N2,500
Another day, another nude lipstick. Although, I wish I chose a regular one. This matte lipstick is not it.

5. Classic Mist & Fix Setting Spray – N1,200
My very first setting spray. I hope it does the job.

6. Beyond Beauty Lipstains in 01 and 10. – N600
I’m officially obsessed with these lip stains. This is my fourth one.

7. Megaga Professional Brushes in 6 and 40 – N1,500
One brush for highlighting and the other for eyeliner. Maybe, just maybe I might finally get that winged liner.

1. Dark and Lovely Color Intensity In Dazzling Brown -N500
Yep! I want to dye my hair…again in January. It seems like the previous color has faded.

2. Organics Olive Oil Leave-in Conditioner. – N1,030
I promise, I’m not a product junkie. I’m just still searching for that perfect leave-in that will leave my hair moisturized for days.

3. Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask – N880.
You know I never say no to a deep conditioner.


4. Electric Thermal Heat Cap – N4,000.
Finally got my heat cap and I cannot wait to start using it. Deep conditioning bout to be LIT!

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