Debunking The Myth Of Natural Hair Manageability.


Often times, I hear a lot of ladies say that natural hair is too tough and cannot be managed and I just laugh simply because of their level of sheer ignorance. Overtime, the supposed ”myth” that natural hair cannot be managed has been completely debunked. In recent times, the natural hair community has undergone a revolution that has drastically increased the acceptance from black women and caused many to finally return to their roots. Of course, Nigeria isn’t exempted.

How then have we been able to prove that natural hair can be totally managed despite its coarse and kinky texture? No, there is no magic potion or anything that would make your hair soft overnight. Instead, there’s something called a regimen which is a procedure or a number of processes and products used depending on the individual that is carried out routinely solely for the unique care of natural hair. For every standard natural hair regimen, there are two processes that stand out and contribute immensely to the manageability of natural hair which are Deep Conditioning and Moisturizing.

Deep Conditioning is a treatment done regularly to improve the overall condition of the hair. It helps with elasticity and replenishes moisture because of the emollients and other moisturizing ingredients in the conditioner. It also adds a variety of nutrients. In short, the major function is to soften hair texture. Studies have shown that regular and effective deep conditioning helps to gradually alter the overall hair texture. Deep conditioners come in various forms, shapes and sizes or can be concocted using natural recipes. Incorporating deep conditioning will help you achieve and maintain healthy manageable hair.

Next is Moisturizing which is the process of adding or restoring lost moisture and is often times via water and/or other water-based products. Constant moisturizing makes hair stronger and softer. Hair that is well moisturized is less likely prone to breakage.

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As long as you’re properly, regularly and constantly moisturizing & deep conditioning natural hair, manageability will be a child’s play. Trust me.

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