Dealing with dark circles: potatoes are a natural remedy!

I’ve always had dark circle issues but they worsened when I started working. I think that not getting enough sleep and forgetting to wash off my make-up before sleeping might have been contributing factors…

I knew some solutions but never had time to do it.

So, I had a bag of potatoes staring at me and remembered that they could be used to get rid of this thing…..I started this experiment on the 6th of August and here are my results.


Potatoes have lightening properties too so you can use it also for the dark knuckles and dark patches on your skin!

But please don’t forget that the beauty of gentleness and quietness surpasses all the physical beauty a woman can ever have.

Have fun experimenting and Love yourself 🙂

© Copyright 2014 Patience Ugomma Ukam, All rights Reserved. Written For: Get your Sizzelle on!

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  1. How did you use potatoes please? I have dark patches on my face also. I have used so many recommended creams but none cleared it.

    I need instructions on how to use the potatoes. Thank you

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