The Curious Case of an Itchy Scalp.

So my excuse for getting rid of my crochet braids was the itchiness of my scalp, which was curious because I consistently ‘spritzed’ my scalp with lavender oil and water which was in my spray bottle, so I basically didn’t expect an itchy feeling. You can imagine my surprise, hurt and betrayal when my hand kept going to my scalp to scratch it, hayyyyy. Painful. LOL.

2014-04-23 23.13.49

So yes I got rid of the crochet braids..the take-down is pretty easy. Just locate the braid at the base of your cornrow and snip (if you won’t use the hair again) OR pull out from under your cornrow gently if you still plan on using it (the option I opted for).

You may expect that the first thing I would do after was to wash the hair ooo. However, laziness & tiredness mixed together didn’t allow me! So I carried the cornrow and itchy scalp for like 2 days before the Holy Spirit ministered to me and then I decided to be adventurous and tried three-strand twisting! Apart from the fact that my scalp was still itchy and dirty, it turned out great!

Finally, I think I came to my senses, maybe not completely …. I just decided to do an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse instead of actually

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washing my hair. Armed with ACV, Aloe vera juice, water and my perfect spritz bottle, I did an ACV rinse. But wait o! So while doing my research, I discovered that an ACV rinse is technically an ACV spritz-rinse. What? The Nigerian in me thought I would just dilute the ACV and pour on my head…the end. When I did some online research, I learnt that many people ‘spritzed’ the ACV on their hair, massaged it into their scalp and then waited for about 15 minutes before rinsing it out. Can you see what I mean now? LOL!

Anyways, I did as I read for the most part and well… I also did my version of it… I did my rinse with my three-strand twists in! The scalp felt better but haha, I blame my tiredness: I should have done my ACV rinse on a freshly washed, clean scalp. Why didn’t I remember this earlier? All’s well. But at least, I got to test-run my ACV and it wasn’t so bad. I styled my three-strand twist-out into a bun after 3 days and an ACV rinse! Yay or nay? I’ll definitely follow this test-run with a proper wash, deep condition and then an ACV rinse for proper results.

What I think: First off, I like the smell of the apple cider vinegar…even the taste to some extent. However, that’s what people complained about the most (the smell esp). If you’re concerned about this, it pretty much doesn’t have any smell when your hair gets dry.

In conclusion, ACV is also an all-rounder remedy, you just have to figure out how you want to use it.

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