If It Concerns You, It Concerns God. #bringbackourgirls

I just felt the urge to let someone know that if something, anything concerns you, then it concerns God.

At the rate at which sad things are happening in Nigeria right now, people are increasingly scared.. everybody is remembering that land they had in the village so they can run “home” if push comes to shove but the truth is, what will running do?

There’s the feeling that prayer won’t do much but that is absolutely false. We have a heavenly father that is concerned with everything that pertains to you. So talking to Him would go a long way. He will fix this. This is not me saying pray and cower. I say pray, as in talk to God. Bare your mind out to him as you would your earthly father.

Talk to Him, and in the measure that you can, help those in need. Give love, donate your time & your encouraging words to those who are hurting. This is of course not just limited to people who are of the faith but also to others because we are to love as Jesus loved and love doesn’t ‘select’. Love is God. Love is everything.

There’s no need to act like the current situation isn’t worth worrying about but worrying isn’t the key. It’s in the talking with God, it’s in sharing with the needy, it’s in giving your time. It’s in showing your humanity.

Where do I start? #bringbackourgirls #nyanyabombings #insecurity


But I find solace in the God I have. If you’re not of the faith, I pray you find solace in something. My hope endures even in these times.

God help us all. How would you show love?

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