I love coconut oil! {Ugomma}

This oil had been on my wish list for a long time and I could not prepare mine at home {like I found how to here}. I tried to buy it online but the shipping cost would not allow me to………..Finally my best girl sent me a bottle of this rich natural oil and I was soooooooo happy……



  • I love its smell… if you’ve eaten coconut chips before, you’’ll understand what I mean…..sometimes I feel like drinking this oil……….lol.
  • It’s light and I use it on my face before I sleep after cleaning my face with baby wipes to remove makeup.
  • I also use it on my skin to seal my moisturising cream. The liquid-oil-cream {LOC} method works for hair so I assume it must work for skin too! LOL.
  • It’s a 100% coconut oil…no preservative.
  • It’s in a liquid state, not cream or butter…
  • I love this oil and I’ll be stocking it up again and oh you can get your coconut oil in the Sizzelle Store 🙂
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