It’s the season of Christmas! Write a love letter to Jesus!

I just wanted to share this as I felt much better after I tried it, and we sort of did it in church. You know it was Jesus’ birthday a few days ago so instead of the cliche ‘Merry Christmas’, how about you tell Jesus what you love most or are most grateful for about him?

Here’s my try.


Dear Jesus, words can’t even describe how much you mean to me or how much I you, no one loves me like you do. Even when I’m a drama queen, you’re always there, with the warm hug, with the best words to calm me down. You’ve managed to transcend everything I do, everything I am. I see you in everything and I’m glad everyday for that. I remember life wasn’t as fun or as beautiful before I met you. You’ve brought laughter, love that words can’t describe and beauty to my life. I mean, just look at me, it’s truly all Jesus.
Thank you for being there when I cried, when I didn’t see the good side of things, when I was naughty, you ‘re the only friend that always replies my messages at the right time, you don’t forget to tweet at me or write on my facebook wall. You gifted me with the Holy Spirit, who’s the bomb by the way and you just love me regardless. You made me realize that the past has nothing on me, you redeemed me. Oh how I love you… It’s beautiful how I can always be sappy with you.
And so, from my heart to you Jesus, Happy Birthday!

There! Try it and you’ll feel much better.

Drop your little love notes to Jesus and enjoy wishing
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