Ceramides and SKIN

What’s the fuzz about ceramides?

Well, according to Elizabeth Arden, ceramides are a naturally occurring lipid and they are key to healthy skin. Here’s a great example of their significance: The outer most layer of the epidermis has responsibility for attracting and holding moisture, regulating body temperature and fighting visible signs of aging. In other words, it holds a powerful position in skin health. And guess what helps make this all-important skin layer healthy? Ceramides! On the flip side, what do you think that dry, irritated skin is usually lacking most? You guessed it. Ceramides. Not surprising that young-looking skin is ceramide-rich.

So from the above, ceramides are actually pretty cool. From birth, our body manufactures huge amounts of ceramide molecules to keep our skin healthy and supple.These ceramides are a major component of our skin’s surface. Functionally, they support the skin keeping it firm. However, as we being to age, the production of ceramides in the body is lessened significantly hence the skin starts to sag and wrinkle. Not pretty right?

Ceramides might as well be the key to stay young forever. LOL. But I’m guessing it’s just for younger-looking skin not depreciating organs. Anyways, scientists have found a way to extract ceramides from whole grain so as to allow aging humans to nourish their skin’s structure from within.

For skin to go against the normal aging process, as the production of ceramides in the body is lessened as one ages, now ceramides are being introduced into beauty products in moisturizers and even as pills to do its wonders from within. So as lost ceramides are being regained by replenishing them, you get to reduce the rate at which the skin ages and looses its elasticity.

Ceramides also exist within the hair fiber right in between the cuticle and the cortex, also called the cell membrane complex which regulates the flow of materials in and out of the cortex. Heat-users will find that ceramides-rich product always improve the appearance and condition of their damaged hair. Ceramides also protect hair from the sun rays.

So in addition to the regular vitamins to boost your overall body health, ceramides is now one to add to the list as it is proven to significantly improve skin moisture levels and reduce the discomfort of aging, dry skin.


Both for the hair and skin, ceramides are moisture-retentive lipids beneficial for skin and hair especially chemically treated/colored hair.

Also, since ceramides are widely derived from grains like rice, corn and wheat, you could also incorporate them into your diets but I’m pretty sure this can’t beat taking ceramide supplements in prescribed dosages.

It is indeed proven to improve skin elasticity and structure with use, especially from the inside out! Amazing! Don’t forget to look it up personally. 😀 Here’s are some oils that contain ceramides, well actually linoleum acid, but from my reading it is safe to say the percentage of linoleic acid you find in oils helps determine the percentage of ceramides in the oil. In short, the more the better.

Safflower oil 78%

Grapeseed oil 73%

Poppyseed oil 70%

Sunflower oil 68%

Hemp oil 60%

Corn oil 59%

Wheat germ oil 55%

Cotton seed oil 54%

Soybean oil 51%

Walnut oil 51%

Sesame oil 45 %

Pistachio oil 32.7%

Peanut oil 32%

Canola oil 21%

Egg yolk 16%

Linseed oil 15%

Olive oil 10%

Palm oil10%

Cocoa butter 3%

Macadamia 2%

Butter 2%

Coconut oil 2%

So most of us have been unconsciously using and ingesting ceramide-rich oils and you wonder why you’re staying young. LOL. I’m pretty sure some of these oils are edible just so you can get your amazing dose of ceramides from the inside. Incidentally, grapeseed oil is one of my staples now, aren’t I the luckiest?

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