CeCee’s Curls Whipped Shea Butter Review

A while ago, I stumbled upon a review of CeCee’s Curls Whipped Shea Butter by The Afrikan Butterfly. I didn’t think much of it ‘cos I was used to regular shea butter, I never even imagined shea butter could smell nice. As per nice-nice! So at Capital Naturals 3, I decided to nab two of the smallest tubs of this whipped shea butter. They had no tags or ingredients’  list on them save for the CeCee’s Curls logo so I had to open up and take a whiff of the tubs to decide which ones I wanted.

Eventually I settled for the watermelon and lemon whipped shea butter. I mean, they are so yummy I could hardly believe it was ordinary, unimpressive-smelling shea butter that transformed into this magic!! From their smell alone, I was sold!!!

Cecee whipped shea butter

Uhm, oddly as I said earlier there was no ingredients list on the little tubs so apart from the distinct fragrances and shea butter, one can only guess that some oils also went into the mix. Even with this little ‘mishap’, I am still sold on this whipped shea butter. I have never tried whipped shea butter before and I’m glad I started out with this! As you can see from the picture, one of the tubs is finished – the watermelon scented one, I think that’s my fave.

This enhanced butter isn’t hard like the original shea butter but it isn’t runny either. I have used it for my skin, my lips and my hair but I’m pretty sure my hair appreciates it the most. It doesn’t spread quite easily on my skin, that doesn’t stop me from using it though but I appreciate it better for my hair, I use it to seal in the moisture in my Liquid-Cream-Oil method, the shea butter mix replaces the oil as a sealant and it has been doing a pretty good job.

It would be good to know what ingredients are in the tubs though, it would definitely be a step in the right direction. That’s all I have to say. Kudos to Cecees Curls. 😀

I’ll probably be purchasing more of this, well until I am able to mix mine. LOL. Yea. My inner mixologist is raging. To get this shea butter mix, you can contact them @ceceescurls on Twitter.

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