3 Texlaxed Hair Bloggers Who Have Gone Natural!

May 24, 2017

Let’s jump straight into this one! Uzoma of Don’t Touch the Hair I haven’t met Uzoma yet but I think she’s one of the most patient people I know. Why do I say this? I think she successfully transitioned from texlaxed/relaxed hair for over a year! That’s such a feat! Solange’s Don’t Touch My Hair reminds me of her blog name. She also contributes to this blog and I find…


Meet Zayne Lane, who loves the versatility of her texlaxed hair

January 29, 2017

Hello all! Today Zaynelane spills the tea on her hair journey. She has been natural, relaxed and is currently texlaxed. She has finally found what works for her and she’s loving it! Without further ado, find out the answer to Question1! 1. Who is Zayne Lane? Zaynelane (real name – Anyalewa but you can call me Lew) is a fun-loving 20-something year old content creator-entrepreneur who loves fashion, music, food, travel and…


Meet Long Nigerian Hair Who Has Been Transitioning For 18 Months

December 21, 2016

 Today, we chat with Long Nigerian Hair about her long transitioning journey! If you would like to be a part of this, please send an email to blog@sizzelle.com Enjoy! 1. Who is Long Nigerian Hair?   My name is Joie, a hair enthusiast on an adventure to discovering exciting ways of growing Nigerian hair long and healthy. 2. What’s your hair story? When did you decide to embark on a…


How Do You Manage Your Natural Hair In Your Workplace?

August 23, 2015

Two Sundays ago, I had a conversation with an usher in my church. In fact, a couple of months ago, she had approached me first and asked about my hair. You know as Naturalistas, there’s a kindred spirit that binds us together. The first thing that struck me was her beautifully styled natural hair under a fascinator (headpiece). As usual I was curious enough to strike a conversation. The first thing…


My Natural Hair Journey So Far (in pictures)

June 7, 2014

Hello everyone! Once again, It’s a great honor to part of this team and I’m looking to making an impact with the little knowledge I’ve been able to garner overtime. It only feels right to start off with my ongoing natural hair journey which started about a year and 5 months ago. I made up my mind to go natural ‘hair wise’, first of all, not because it is fast…


The TWA: Why I Miss it & Why I Don’t.

Hey guys. I hope you’re all doing splendid! Well, for the 3 weeks or 2 I had my hair out, I found that I got ‘tired’ of it rather quickly. I was always worried about sweating on my scalp which meant I had to wash my hair: I was really busy at the time which meant I literally had no time to wash my hair and when I did, it was later at…

May 6, 2014

Hair journey stories: Loretter

September 19, 2013

My Hair Journey My name is Loretter and I’m a newly graduated medical doctor born, bred and residing in Port Harcourt and this is my hair story. I began my hair journey on 25th February 2013 with damaged, thinning, uneven hair. The longest my hair has ever been was APL and that was way back in secondary school when my mom used to relax and condition my hair (of course…


Olivia’s hair story!

July 15, 2013

This is Olivia’s hair story.. She wasn’t compensated or obligated to give us her story. I used to have very full, long and thick hair untill I began to maltreat my hair…taking offf my weavons and cutting my braids myself, thereby cutting my own hair and making holes too..I didn’t t feel so bad because I knew my hair would grow back fast and besides it was full and hardly…