Wigging it: Tosin’s Guide to Wig-Wearing

August 21, 2017

Growing up, I used to be so fascinated by my mum’s wigs. Over time, my fascination grew into a weird love-hate relationship with them. I’ve owned a total of 2 whole wigs, one was a gift from a friend and the other I purchased. Now I own a total of zero wigs, I must have gifted both to friends who need them more. Purchasing my first natural hair wig for the…


Happy wigging 2016

February 6, 2016

Hi!Hi!Hi! Long time no see. 🙂 I have a new regimen plan for 2016: wigging! Confession: I have a terrible hands-in-hair addiction! Plus in the last three years, I have hardly done any protective styles. This year, I have decided to do something completely different with my hair: MANIPULATE IT LESS. Manipulation has a direct relationship with hair breakage. The more you manipulate your hair, the more breakage you experience….


How to get rid of the itchiness caused by hair extensions

March 23, 2015

Image source   Ever wondered what causes your hair to itch when it’s in hair extensions? It’s called Alkaline Lye. Most, if not all synthetic extensions have been coated with an Alkaline lye. This is a chemical distributed onto the strands of the extensions by the manufacturer to make it wear/heat-resistant. The whole essence is to create a product with a high thermal resistance ”that would protect you”. The downside…


How I maintain my marley twists

March 21, 2015

So I’m back! A few weeks ago, I installed some marley twists – my first protective style for the year. The idea was to install it through crochet braiding and rock for 6 weeks. Problem was, crochet braiding required more extensions which means more full heavy hair – which I’m not a fan of – and I wasn’t having any of that especially with the unbearable heat. Eventually, instead of…


Moisturizing Your Hair While Protective Styling

June 8, 2014

So you’ve finally got that amazing weave you’ve been eyeing installed and you just know it’s time to take a break from the hair underneath. Exactly what you need right? Uhm no. That isn’t it at all. This is just a reminder not to completely neglect your hair once you’re protective styling. Moisturizing your hair is so important…. The fact that you have braids or weaves sewn in doesn’t make…


Styling Adventures: Havana Twists

June 4, 2014

How’s it going? Well, I’ve been up to a lot. Somehow I find myself acting out on my hair whenever odd stuff happens to me. So a week ago, I got in this cab after buying stuff and forgot the stuff I bought in the cab which made me freaking pisssed so I made my hair… Productive me. Weird but true. I spent the first moments deciding whether I wanted…


Pictures of my protective style for the month of March!

March 12, 2014

HAPPY NEW MONTH FRIENDS!! I’m glad we all made it into March: may our dreams,plans and aspiration for this month be fulfilled IN JESUS NAME. AMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEENNNNNNNNNNN Here is a picture of my protective style for the month of March…….I love it, be inspired and get your hair done 🙂 P.S: I don’t know what happened to the camera, it made me look fairer than i am…LOL I should be getting…


My experience with Yarn Wraps as a protective style!!

February 17, 2014

In the bid to break my cycle of kinky twists extensions as my usual go-to style, I decided to do something different: yarn wraps! I did the ‘research’, got pictures online and decided on which stylist could best accomplish the style for me. So I went off to the market, bought the pack of wool, washed and got my hair ready for the styling and then chose a date for my…


Special care for clip in hair extensions

December 5, 2013

It important to know how to care for clip in hair extensions especially as they can be an expensive purchase (depending on what kind of extensions you buy – synthetic or natural and where you buy them). Plus, they are one of the latest hair trends. Where to acquire hair extensions – Indeed, some beauty parlors will charge you quite an amount since they’ve personally selected the locks and given…