Update on ACV and Baking Soda: can apple cider vinegar clean hair?

Oh yea, you know when I started out researching on natural hair, I liked the idea that our kitchen staples could also double as amazing hair remedies but a recent update has got me thinking that maybe kitchen staples should stay in the kitchen.

Remember when I showed you guys my stash, yup, I’m pretty sure you must have spied the baking soda and apple cider vinegar there (ACV). For the most part, I have used the baking soda twice: once, after I read something that someone tried though it was a FAIL for me and second, when I thoughtlessly tried cleansing my scalp when I had twists extensions in – ANOTHER FAIL. I ended up with baking soda in my hair and the dandruff worse. And you wonder what it’s still doing there.

For the ACV, being an all-rounder, I quite fancy it for a whole range of uses: rinses, body-wise etc but I’m sure I tried mixing it with baking soda to cleanse once: it was like a science project, mixing both created this foamy thing that fascinated me since I didn’t do plenty practicals.. LOL.

Okay so I was surfing on the ‘interwebs’ and stumbled on The Natural Haven. Infact, I didn’t only stumble, I even fell into the gutter in front of the blog because something caught my attention. She had this post about the inability of baking sodas and ACV to really cleanse your hair, a scientific experiment plus microscopic pictures of the hair afterwards (you can see why I fell into the gutter). You can read the post here.

When I read this, I felt pained. LOL. Even more so as I saw the pictures, you know how most reviews are ‘word-of-mouthish’, this one had pictures and it turns out that this baking soda wash thing just left behind a very greasy mess. As per I’m pretty sure washing your hair with just water sef would have produced a cleaner result. LOL. As for the ACV, hayyyyyyy!!! LOOOOL is all I can say. Its cleansing powers no be anything. It didn’t do much after all. Both results were nyama.


Guess what I did after I read this post??? LOOOL. I took my baking soda and ACV away from where all my other hair products were!! I put the baking soda in the kitchen and the ACVin the fridge after I promptly made a cucumber and onion salad with my ACV. It can’t waste biko and the salad was amazing. If ACV cannot cleanse my hair, at least I can incorporate it in my food. And I’m pretty sure baking soda has its perks too as another remedy but not as a cleanser for your hair, maybe my ‘puff-puff’ crave will be fulfilled soon. looool.

So that’s that for now. And remember when I had my ayurvedic phase???? *whispers* I think that phase is fading out. *covers face*

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  1. I have used baking soda in the past to clarify my hair. I had mixed it with shampoo and I think it did help to remove build up and soften my hair. ACV, I have also used it to remove buildup. I even use vinegar to clean the scale from my kettle and it works great so I was surprised to find out the results of this experiment. Well, science is discovery! By the way, Natural Haven also has some posts that talk about conditioner cleansing and clays actually helping to cleanse the hair relatively okay.

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