Benefits of Rice Bran Oil for Hair and Skin

We all know that Asian women live for their beauty secrets, Rice Bran Oil is one that is particularly well-kept!
What is Rice Bran Oil?
Like many carrier oils, a natural antioxidant. It could be ingested as a cooking oil and also be used topically on the skin and for the hair.
What does it do?
Its benefits vary depending on how it is used.
For skin:
– it is easily absorbed and is not greasy. I use rice bran oil right out of the shower, I mixed mine with some lemon grass essential oil for fragrance and use a little bit of my lotion to seal all the goodies into my skin. Lemon grass essential oil is my current fave because it brings back memories of when my mum would make fresh lemon grass tea from stalks we had in front of our house.
– it keeps the skin supple, because my skin care game has been slightly strong, I can’t specifically attest to this but my skin is doing great.
– it nourishes the skin and has natural toning abilities which slowly even out the skin
– it is non-comodogenic
– it naturally protects the skin from sun damage, an extra layer of sunscreen won’t hurt though
For hair:
– like all carrier oils, it could be mixed with a gazillion other products to keep the hair healthy and shiny
– its sun protection abilities also extend to the hair
– massaging a little bit of it could efficiently help minimize dandruff
Like many carrier oils, the benefits are numerous but consistency is key to actually enjoy them!
Personally, I think carriers oils generally come packed with loads of similar benefits. So far I have used jojoba, coconut, grapeseed, avocado, olive oils for my skin and they all made my skin bae. I’m not so picky when it comes to carriers oils and so when I run out of this rice bran oil, I would probably just get another bottle of olive oil.
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