Benefits of tea tree oil


Possibly the most popular essential oil, tea tree oil has been proven overtime to be effective and efficient hence its popularity. Originating from Australia, where over 300 species of tea trees grow, they are known for healing properties [Body ecology].

I decided that whenever I was ready to start investing in essential oils, I would start with tea tree followed by lavender. That is, whenever my student budget allows. LOL. Anyways, I’ve been using it for a while now and I’m loving it. I add 10 drops to my hair spritz to help treat my itchy scalp and another 10 drops to my ACV toner. With my henna treatments, I also add a few drops to spice it up.  Tea tree oil has a way of soothing and healing itchy scalps completely. Plus, I love the cool sensation I get after applying on my face, it’s awesome.

Tea tree oil can also be beneficial for:

1. Skin Conditions like dandruff, ringworm, athlete’s foot, cuts, warts e.t.c. It’s perfect for healing these conditions naturally.

2. Treating Acne

3. Reducing the itchiness caused by rashes and the rashes itself as well.

4. Healing and soothing sunburns.

5. Soothing insect bites.

6. Treating hives when mixed with witch hazel.

7. Reducing inflammations.

8. Relieving pain and headaches

9. Treat bruises and minor wounds

10. Stimulating the immune system.

It is important to note that tea tree oil should not be swallowed or ingested at any point and is used only as a topical remedy as it’s an antiseptic and anti-fungal treatment.

Everyone should have one in their first aid kits. Remember few drops go a long way.

P.S: It is important to mix essential oils as they are quite potent.

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